Playskool Optimus Primal Dino Bot: Transformers for Younger Kids

Do you have Transformers fans in your household? We do, and Kiernan always gets left out because of all the little part and pieces on Kelton’s transformers. This Christmas he will have a huge robot surprise of his own, as he opens his own Playskoool Hero Transformer!

rescue bots: Optimus Primal

Optimus Primal

Our little hero will be excited to have a robot that will stomp, chomp, and roar! Optimus Primal lights up and makes robot sounds and He says phrases while in robot mode. Then when the battle calls for some dino power, he easily converts into T-Rex mode! Your little one can press his smokestacks for dino chomping action, watch his lights, and listen to his all his dino sounds! There is also a really cool rescue drill for that works in either mode. There’s no limit to what Optimus Primal can do as a robot-dino hero!

Optimus Primal

Kid Sized

Playskool Transformer Rescue Bots are made to be safe and size appropriate for the littlest of Transformer fans. Optimus Primal Is the perfect size for Kiernan. He will love toting him around and converting him back and forth between robot and dino modes. I love how it lights up and has action.  Optimus Primal is suggested for children ages 3-7 years old. I feel like this aging is pretty accurate, Kiernan will be 3 in January and Kelton just turned 8. I can tell you they will both enjoy playing with Optimus Primal.

Where to Buy

You can buy your little one their very own Optimus Primal for your little one at Target, Walmart, ToyRUs, Kmart and on Hasbro’s Website. Suggested Retail is $39.99 but a few of the stores have him on sale for as low as $20.99. Make sure to pick up 3 AAA Batteries to replace the demo batteries with. I am not sure how long the demo batteries will last but nothing is worse then having batteries die on Christmas Day!

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