Polly Pocket Review and Amazon Sale!

My first experience with Polly Pocket as a mom was at an informal wedding reception. I didn’t remember to bring toys.  Luckily another mom brought a Polly Pocket flip and spin pool set that both her and my daughter enjoyed playing with for hours. It was the perfect toy that kept the girls engaged and having fun all night long.

I was given the opportunity to check out Polly Pocket with my 6 year old daughter to my daughter’s delight to facilitate this post.


I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Polly Pocket. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Polly Pocket Fun Anywhere!

Polly Pocket offers fun toy sets that give your daughter fun anywhere she goes. I really like how portable Polly Pocket sets are. The Polly Pocket flip and spin pool set was a life-saver at the wedding reception. Even the boys wanted to check out the water-splashing fun! Elizabeth LOVES her new Polly Pocket Zipline Adventure Pool playset!

Polly Pocket Zipline Adventure Pool playset
Polly Pocket Zipline Adventure Pool playset

She was so excited to see there are 2 splash pools with the Polly Pocket Zipline Adventure Pool playset. It is for girls ages 4 and up, my 6 year old figured out how to use it all on her own. She get Polly harnessed up on the zipline and sets it all up. When Polly goes on the zipline, she triggers the puppy on the slide to go down the slide and the monkey on the tree to go down the tree and into the high pool. Once Polly gets to the bottom of the zipline, she splashes in the pool at the same time she triggers the high pool to spill on top of her. It is quite the set up!

She has a great time playing with this toy over and over every time she plays with it. She LOVES the water aspect of it – it’s not a lot of water so it is easy for her to play with it both indoors and outdoors.

We plan to take this with us on our next road trip so she’ll have something to play with when we get to the hotel. It is the perfect size to pack for a trip to grandma’s, vacation, or just to a friend’s house for a playdate.

Polly Pocket on Sale

For a limited time, you can get some great deals on Polly Pocket playsets! They make a fantastic gift for girls this Summer. It is so easy to order straight from the below Amazon Social Store. The Polly Pocket Sale prices are for a limited time, so be sure to take advantage of them before they are gone.

Polly Pocket Fun on the Wall

I don’t know about your kids’ bedrooms but mine are running out of space on their shelves for toys. I really, really like the new line of Polly Pocket wall playsets. We reviewed the Polly Pocket Wall Party Tree House, it comes with a ton of fun accessories to have fun with the treehouse. You can even add to the collection and put multiple playsets together on your daughter’s wall.

They actually stick the to way with 3M Command Strips. All the action stays on the wall – which keeps it always clean too!

Be sure to take advantage of the Polly Pocket Sale above for great Summer fun! They may just save the day!

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