Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night – A Children’s Book About Friendship & Conflict Resolution

A big part of growing up is learning how to get along with others, right?  We send our kids to preschool and playgroups so they learn socialization skills. Two of the most important socialization skills we can teach our children are compromise and conflict resolution.  In Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night, award winning author, Josh Selig (creator of The Wonder Pets and 3rd & Bird), plants the seeds of compassion and finding common ground. 

Red & Yellow's Noisy Night
Red & Yellow's Noisy Night

More about Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night

Red and Yellow are two cute, furry friends that have made their homes in the same olive tree.  Most of the time, they get along well.  But one night, Yellow is trying to fall asleep, and Red is loudly playing his “strummy.”  Both want their own way, and it seems as though never the two shall meet.  Just then, Red listens to the quiet night all around him, and he decides to still play his strummy, but to play it softly.  The sweet, soft music lulls Yellow to sleep.  Friends who initially saw only their own needs ended up getting beyond themselves, and helping one another.  “And everything was good in the olive tree again.”

Mommy Blog Tour Q & A with Author Josh Selig

I was fortunate enough to be a part of publisher Sterling Children’s Books Mommy Blog Tour for Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night.  I thought you might enjoy learning about Josh’s inspiration for writing this special book:

Q:  What inspired Red & Yellow’s characters?

JOSH:  Well, Red is based loosely on a friend of mine in college who was a wonderful dancer.  She was spontaneous and intuitive and free.  Yellow is based on Malcolm Butler.  He is the IT Director at my company, Little Airplane.  Malcolm is very brilliant and he likes everything done in a certain way.

Q:  Why did you choose an Olive Tree?

JOSH:  I spent some time working in the Middle East where olive trees are very common and beloved by all.  They provide everything from oil to wood to shade.  And there’s no better symbol of peace than an olive branch.

Q:  I have to ask, which one do you best identify with – Red or Yellow?

JOSH:   I am more like Yellow but I would like to be more like Red.  I think Red gets to have more fun.

Q:  Why do you think Red & Yellow are so popular with kids?

JOSH:  In addition to just being very cute, they show kids that all problems can be resolved with patience, empathy, and a little creativity.  I think that’s a message that has great appeal to all ages.

Q:  If there’s one thing everyone—even adults—could learn from Red & Yellow, it would be that…

JOSH:  We all need one another.  Any conflict can be resolved peacefully.  It doesn’t matter what the question is, love is always the answer.

 My Take on Red & Yellow’s Noisy Night

For me, this is a great little book.  In few words, Mr. Selig says volumes about how we need to care for one another, and find ways to live together peacefully.  The simple story line and fun graphics make this a fun read for first graders and under.  My four year old and I read the book together.  I then asked her what she thought it was about.  She answered, “It’s about a red and a yellow animal.  They’re friends, but they had to learn to get along when they both wanted to do different things.”  Message received!  🙂

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