Giggles of Joy and Fun with Road Rippers and CAT RC Vehicles from Toy State

Kids can allow their imaginations to take them anywhere from the raceway to the construction site with Toy State Road Rippers to Cat® Preschool toys. I was pleased to receive toys from Toy State to review for this post.

Road Rippers Hatchbacks Review

The Road Rippers Hatchbacks are full of jamming music beats.  A unique feature allows the speakers to rotate through three different speaker beds each with its own cool tunes and flashing lights every time you pop open the hatch.  There is much fun to be had while playing with this push operated toy car from Toy State.

Hatchback 01 Hatchback 02 Hatchback 04

My son enjoyed dancing along to his Mini Countryman WRC Hatchback.  He was fascinated with the changing speaker feature.  I see him playing with it frequently.

Road Rippers Hatchbacks are available in both Ford Fiesta and Mini Countryman WRC styles.  The age recommended on the packaging is ages 3+.

Hatchback 05

The vehicle only requires 2 AA batteries.  So far, we are still using the batteries that came included even though he has played with the music and lights over and over frequently.

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Road Rippers 10″ Monster Trucks Review

There is just something fun about monster trucks, and Road Rippers has a fleet of awesome, custom-designed 10″ Monster Trucks to spark the imagination of your child! With age appropriate, non-violent themes, you can feel comfortable allowing even the youngest monster truck enthusiast enjoy these a ultra-cool 4X4.   Available styles are Bigfoot, Rammunition, DinoRoarX4, and Tankzilla.  Both Bigfoot and Rammunition have more traditional looks with great appeal.  The DinoRoarX4 looks like a triceratops on wheels and added to the excitement.
 Dino-01Dino 02
Tankzilla has super-fun tank-like wheels, and the front looks like a giant fist ready to take on playroom challenge.

Lights, sounds, and driving tunes, allowed my son to really get into role playing with his DinoRoarX4 (love the name) from Toy State.  He really enjoyed driving over top of his smaller cars as he played and even pretended that it was talking with his other toys.  I was pleased to see his thinking skills come into action as he set up ramps and obstacles while playing with it.

Dino 04Road Rippers 10″ Monster Trucks are recommended for age 3+.  They require 3 AA batteries that are included.

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You can buy Road Rippers Monster Trucks at retailers nationwide and on

CAT E-Z Machines RC Review

CAT® Preschool has taken iconic CAT® machines and placed them into the hands of our junior operators allowing them to “The Feel of Real” with CAT® E-Z Machines Radio Control.
Dozer 01 Dozer 03
The single-button control is the perfect size for little hands that is not too complicated to use.  Pushing the button moves the CAT® machine forward, while releasing the button or moving the remote out of range of the toy sends it spinning in exciting circles.

I have to say, I was surprised to find my son playing with this his CAT® E-Z Machine RC for literally hours.  The simple design allowed him to play without the frustration he typically gets from more complicated remote controlled vehicles.  He even found that he could operate it from his swing, and was amused to discover that every time he went back on the swing (out of range) it would spin and then go straight again during his movement forward.  I genuinely delighted in hearing his giggles of joy while playing with it.  The CAT® E-Z Machine RC is a must for any young child who loves “big diggers”, as my son likes to call them.
Dozer 04 Dozer 06 Dozer 08

Recommend for ages 2+, the CAT® E-Z Machine RC is available in Dump Truck, Wheel Loader, Bulldozer and Skid Steer styles.  The CAT® Machine requires 3 AAA Batteries (not included) while the remote requires 2 AA Batteries (not included).

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You can buy CAT E-Z Machines RC at retailers nationwide and on

Be sure to visit Toy State website for more great toys.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Toy State who provided the product for review through Team Mom.

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