Sweet, Cute, and Smart Girls with Roominate STEM Fun #LetGirlsBuild

It is time we empower our girls to know and understand that no career is off limits, just because they are a girl. Women make up 1/2 the population but only 1/6 of engineers are women.

My daughter is Sweet, Cute, and Smart. This is what she wore to her first day in kindergarten and what she wanted to wear on her last day of school this year in second grade. She likes the message and so do I.


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Sweet, Cute, and Smart Girls with Roominate #LetGirlsBuild

She knows she is all three – and so do I.  By the time girls enter middle school, they start to lose their confidence and interest in math and science. I don’t want this to happen to my daughter. I want her and her friends to know that they can be all three, sweet, cute, and smart, with an emphasis on smart! To do this, we need to encourage our girls everyday and give them the tools to keep that spark of learning and building alive.

Roominate is a unique line of ‘smart toys’ that inspire girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

I’ve written about the importance of STEM learning for both girls and boys often, as it is crucial for our children’s future. My daughter received her first Roominate kit this Winter and has really enjoyed designing and engineering her own Roominate world. Here is a picture of her with her Roominate Studio. It has a working fan and is all decked out with decor!


Build Next Generation of Women in STEM

It is our duty to build the next generation of women in STEM professions. It starts with our own daughters. We were able to invite a couple of my daughter’s friends over for a Roominate Party to explore and have fun building together.

roominateWith Roominate, kids are doing more than building with blocks, they are learning to wire working circuits, spinning fans, and flashing lights!

Roominate also inspires imaginative play – with girl-centric colors and themes.

Roominate Girls STEMRoominate empowers our girls to be creative and smart builders and engineers. My daughter and her friends created their own versions of the Roominate Studio, none of them were the same. What I also like about Roominate is that each set can be added to and changed to be whatever they want, whenever they want.

During our party, we stopped for a BBQ – my daughter’s friends’ parents were also at the party, so they joined in for a delicious dinner together.

Roominate Girls STEMThe girls ate their dinner in our trampoline. 🙂 We also had a little science experiment outside with d about how the wax was the fuel causing the lantern to fill with hot air. Science can be lots of fun!

roominate stem for girlsThis was an excellent STEM playdate for sure. In fact, it would be a great theme for a birthday party for older girls too. I want my daughter (and her friends) to know that nothing is out of reach for her, just because she is a girl. She can be anyone and do anything.

roominate stem for girlsConnect with Roominate on Facebook and Twitter. Use #LetGirlsBuild in social shares to connect with others interested in empowering our girls with STEM.

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