The Trash Pack Trashies Make Fun Party Favors!

picture of The Trash Pack Two Pack of Trashies

If you have had the TV on at all, you and your kids have at least seen the commercials for The Trash Pack Trashies. I even wrote about The Trash Pack when they first came out in September.  Here is an update: My kids are hooked on The Trash Pack Trashies! They take them everywhere.

We were given the opportunity to share The Trash Pack with our kids’ classroom Halloween Parties. They were great party favors! Trashies were a HUGE hit for both girls and boys ages 3-7! It was very neat to see that kids immediately knew what to do with the Trash Pack. Trade them! Kids were checking out each other’s Trashies, finding their names on the chart, and looking to trade for the best.

picture of Trashies are a hit for boys and girls!
The Trash Pack Trashies are a hit for boys and girls!

Since I didn’t have permission to photograph the entire classrooms, I didn’t. However, it was so exciting to see all the kids exploring this new collectible toy and trading with each other! There are more than 100 Trash Pack characters – Trashies to collect. Some are common, while others are rare, ultra rare, special edition or exclusive, or glow-in-the-dark. The more you collect, the more addictive they become!

The Trash Pack Trashies are sure to be on the Christmas Gift List for both boys and girls this year. There are a lot of Trash Pack items to choose from including Trash Pack Five Pack Collection, The Trash Pack 12 Pack Collection, The Trash Pack Collector’s Case, The Trask Pack Collector’s Trash Can, and The Trash Pack Garbage Truck.

The Trash Pack Trashies are great for school parties, trading with friends, birthday party favors, rewards, and more. They are an affordable collectible toy that kids think are super gross and cool!

Buy The Trash Pack Trashies

You can buy The Trash Pack Trashies at Toys R Us and Babies R Us and online at

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to The Trash Pack who provided the products for review.

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