Think Geek Edge Robotic Arm Kit

Robot Arm holding a wooden block on carpet

My husband is an engineer, of sorts.  At least he was before he gave it up for lent one year, and never went back.  (His joke, not mine!) Over his teenage years and 20s he collected a big box full of ‘robot parts’.  He’s now 36, and that box remains closed, except when our inventive 6 year old Elijah opens it up and begs Daddy to make a robot.  Unfortunately, I don’t think its ever going to happen.

Here’s where ThinkGeek comes in.  Their tagline is “Stuff for Smart Masses”, which mostly means cool stuff that your husband of any level of geekdom might enjoy.  They carry a wide variety of cubicle toys, T-shirts, Caffeinated snacks, and geeky stuff.  From their store, we picked out and have tried out their Edge Robotic Arm Kit.

Robotic Arm Kit in Box, Sortof
Robotic Arm Kit in Box, Sortof

This was a kit.  And, I only snagged one or two pictures of my husband as he put it together (none of which made it here, sorry!).  He doesn’t often have a good time doing thing for himself besides, working, so I was glad to let him play. But, you could see Elijah’s eyes light up in excitement over this new extremely technical toy. The Edge Robotic Arm kit took about 2 hours to build, and runs off of D batteries. The unit runs the batteries down only when it is running- there’s no fancy computer inside that makes it go- so if you’re not playing with it – its off. Beautiful toy:)

Robot Arm Picking up Blocks
ThinkGeek Edge Robotic Edge Picking up Blocks

The robot arm kit is not only a robot, but a test of human skill. The controller is a simple plastic box with a number of switches on it. Each switch controls a different motor that is inside the robot arm. The trick for my son has been to learn how to use the controller properly, understand which button does which, and learn the limits of how far different joints bend.


There have been plenty of games that we have created with this robot arm, not only is it most EXCELLENT at knocking things down, but it can pick up small objects like marbles, and build complex structures with blocks- IF you have the patience.

Robot Arm holding a wooden block on carpet
Edge Robot Arm holding a toy block

A few more views of the robot arm in action.

Collage of Robot Arm Images
Robot Arm getting played with, Wired Controller, In the Dark Shots

Buy Think Geek Edge Robotic Arm Kit

You can buy the Think Geek Edge Robotic Arm Kit on website for $49.99. It would make a great Christmas or Birthday gift for dads, sons, and anyone interested in robotics. I’m always trying to find fun gifts for my husband, something from ThinkGeek always works!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to ThinkGeek who provided the product for review.

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