Best Math Games for Kids: Math Blasters and JumpStart Review

picture of Story Land game on JumpStart teaches shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and more

I feel like my kids may be a little behind the game as it pertains to using technology to learn. We are a very hands-on type family and haven’t use electronics extensively for learning. However, computers are introduced to kids as early as preschool and kids are expected to know how to navigate computers by kindergarten. Finding the best activities or games online can be a challenge. I have found a system of games that are both educational and incredible fun for kids ages 3 and up with Math Blasters and JumpStart.

Now that we moved our office downstairs, our kids are coming into the office and jumping on the computer. They have been enjoying Math Blasters and JumpStart Games.

My kids favorite Math Blasters Game

With Math Blasters, your kids will be taken to outer space with many different games.  Elijah, my 6 year old has had the most fun with Math Blasters’ HyperBlast. With HyperBlast, he is transformed into a cool, spaceship riding character that zooms through the galaxy shooting obstacles to earn points.

picture of Hyper Blast Course
Hyper Blast Course

Every so often, a giant alien monster pops up with math problems to solve. If you defeat the alien, you earn blasts which will aid you in your space travels.

picture of Hyper Blast Alien Math Problems
Hyper Blast Alien Math Problems

You can select what type of math problems you want to work on from addition to division at varying levels, and from easy to difficult problems. The alien’s brain becomes more and more exposed, signaling when the challenge is complete. Elijah gets a charge out of defeating the alien with his math answers.

picture of Hyper Blast Score
Hyper Blast Score

My kids favorite JumpStart Game

Elizabeth, my 4 year old enjoys playing games in StoryLand. This JumpStart game is geared to kids ages 3-5. Kids can hear and read stories with the help of characters.  It is a great game to learn letters, numbers, and shapes while having fun.

Depending on the gender you input for each child on the account, the character for each game will correspond. Plus, you can add up to 6 kids per account.

picture of Story Land game on JumpStart teaches shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and more
Story Land game on JumpStart teaches shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and more

Various characters tell the player where to go next. When they click on various objects, they are taken to an activity where they can learn shapes, letters, colors, numbers, and more through a fun game.

picture of JumpStart offers preschool online computer games
JumpStart offers preschool online computer games

Finding the best Math Blasters Games

Math Blasters membership gives you access to thousands of learning activities through numerous games. they are continually adding new areas, games and features which makes games new and fresh each time your child plays. Each Math Blasters and JumpStart game teaches kids through math and educational challenges. Each challenge your kids completes gives your kids merits and achievements that get them further in the game. Talk about an incentive to learn with immediate benefits for kids. They have no idea they are actually learning and getting great practice.

There are a number of games for your child to engage in. If your child likes a particular type of activity like racing, exploring, arcade games, puzzles, or interacting with other players, you can choose games based on their interest under parental settings.

Also, if you want your child to get extra practice and help in a particular subject like math facts of adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, fractions, decimals, percents, money, place values, or 3D figures, you can choose by subject. I really like being able to find the best game for my kids based on the math subject that I wanted them to have additional practice on. I suggest checking out parental settings first to gather this valuable information so you know what to “suggest” to your kids to try first. Don’t tell them that it is to work on adding because to them, it is just a super cool, fun game. Keep it your secret.

Parental Settings keep parent in control

Under the parental settings, you can customize what each child can do. You may allow or not allow your child to play against another player. When choosing the multiplayer mode, your child would be able to interact without kids with emoticons, dance moves, and safe menu chat (using limited list of questions, answers, greetings, and phrases). You can also allow or disable the safe type chat feature which allows your child to type in their own messages. Words must match in Math Blaster’s database of approved words as part of their filtering.

Buy Math Blasters and JumpStart Membership

You can buy Math Blaster and JumpStart Membership your membership 3 ways: monthly ($7.99), annual ($74.99), or lifetime ($149.99). Membership also comes with the ability to download 4 games to your computer ($80 value).

Win 3 month Math Blasters and JumpStart Membership (Closed)

Updated: 8/25/11 Winner Announced: Congratulations, Tammy Allgood-Hemmerling!

Knowledge Adventure is generously providing two 3-month memberships to Math Blasters and JumpStart. ($24 value)

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