Water Toys By Educational Insights, Just for Little Explorers

that With a little more summer ahead of us we have been spending lots of time playing outdoors, checking out and exploring lots of exciting things. We have made trips to the lake’s beach, backyard exploring, visiting the rec center’s pool and more. This week my little ones have been trying out some new water toys by Educational Insights from their GeoSafari Jr. line. Due to the weather, we have been playing with them in the bath but we can’t wait to get underwater views outside!

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What is GeoSafari Jr. by Education Insights?

GeoSafari Jr. is an awesome line of toys by Educational Insights,that are tailored just too little explorers.  At the ages of 2 and 5, Kiernan and Scarlett are in prime explorer stages, they want to learn all about the world around them and with the GeoSafari Jr. line they are doing just that. GeoSafari Jr. toys are made just right for the hands of little one’s ages 3-6. They are easy to hold and durable!

GeoSafari Jr. SubScope

My littles adore the SubScope by GeoSafari Jr. The SubScope looks like a cute large submarine, but with the 2x magnification and 3 led lights, your little explorer can get a good view beneath the water. My kids are enjoying finding the lost toys under the bubbles in bubble baths until we get some rain-free weather. $29.99 Don’t forget to grab batteries for this is one, you will need 3 AAA batteries to power the led lights.


GeoSafari Jr. Underwater Explorer Boat

This adorable boat features a see through “glass” bottom, with a magnification area. The attached mini floatation ring doubles as a breakaway tether. The tether can be removed or slid over your child’s hand to keep the boat from drifting away!  And doubles as a great pretend boat too, we used some people toys to take tours of the bubble mountains in the bathtub. $14.99

Education Insights Playful Promise

I can’t imagine being unhappy with our Education Insights GeoSafari Jr toys. If something happens and we aren’t happy we have  365days, YES 1 YEAR!, to return it! More information can be found here.

Shop for your little explorer

You can find local retailers here, order directly online from Education Insights, or check out Amazon!

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