Winning The War On Cancer Book Review

winning the war on cancer

I’m a nutrition coach, fitness trainer, and an all-around health advocate. I am constantly reading to educate myself on various healthcare topics, including cancer. With nearly 2 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in the US last year, it’s no surprise that people are hungry for information. Winning The War On Cancer is a fascinating must-read for anyone – patients, survivors, caregivers, and physicians – who have been affected by this frightening disease.

Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure Book Review

Is it possible that there’s a natural cure for cancer? In her book, Winning The War on Cancer, Sylvie Beljanski chronicles the true story of her father, Dr. Mirko Beljanksi, and his discovery of a natural way to fight cancer.

Dr. Beljanski was able to isolate extracts from two plants found in South America, both of which have powerful anti-cancer effects. These plant extracts are gentle on non-cancer cells and have little adverse side effects. However, his brilliant research and ability to heal patients with these extracts was not viewed kindly by the French government and the booming pharmaceutical industry.

If there’s a natural cure for cancer, why don’t we know about it?

Nature doesn’t play by the rules of commerce and modern industry. Plants, and their compounds and extracts, cannot be patented, and are thus useless for making millions of dollars for pharmaceutical giants. So not only do the pharmaceutical and medical industries ignore plant-based therapies, they often go out of their way to suppress information that would allow people to make better-informed choices about their health.

For example, it is well-known in holistic circles that cinnamon can help diabetics control blood sugar…possibly even better than the synthetic drug, Metformin, and with far fewer side effects. But cinnamon is yet to be approved for the prevention or treatment of any disease. In fact, it’s illegal for a person who sells cinnamon to mention or claim any such information, even if it is backed by scientific studies on real patients.

Why? Because cinnamon cannot be patented. The same goes for any natural, plant-based alternatives, including the ones with scientifically demonstrated health benefits. Aloe vera, ginger, ginseng, turmeric, gingko, tea tree plant, bitter melon, and echinacea are just a few that come top of mind.


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We have a right to be informed about all possible avenues of healing and preventing cancer

When Dr. Beljanksi discovered that extracts from two plants, Pao pereira and Rawwolfia vomitoria, could heal patients with cancer and AIDS, he faced an uphill battle that we still fight today. And it’s not a battle against the disease itself, but a fight for our right to have access to every possible avenue and alternative for curing and preventing ill health.

Winning The War On Cancer shares this amazing journey through a mix of science, health information, and desperate push against corporate greed and conspiracy to hide the truth. The book also includes cancer protocols and prevention information. It is a must-read for anyone touched by cancer.

Buy Winning The War on Cancer

You can buy Winning The War on Cancer, and get more information about Dr. Beljanski’s work, on The Beljanski Foundation’s website. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to The Beljanski Foundation and their continued work to find a natural cure for cancer.

winning the war on cancer

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