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Make Up for Lost Family Time & Create Memories at Put in Bay

We are making this summer our best ever as we try to make up for [...]

How to Break Out of the Hunger Cycle + Lose Pandemic Pounds!

61% of Americans gained an average of 29lbs during the pandemic. 10% gained than [...]

Stock Up on Coronavirus Supplies with

I’m sick and tired of not finding disinfecting and cleaning products to keep my family [...]

Myrtle Beach Invites Ohioans to Hit the Beach

Many of us are staying closer to home this summer due to COVID-19. If you [...]

Puzzle Mania! Get Off Electronics and Connect as a Family

I’ve noticed a surge of photos on social media of completed puzzles, have you? I [...]

Backyard Chickens 101

Should I get backyard chickens? If you’ve ever considered raising chickens for eggs or meat, [...]

One-Stop Christmas Shopping for Your Entire Gift List at Summit Mall

It is go-time for completing your Christmas purchases! Cross off all the gifts on your [...]

The Massanutten Summertime Experience – Timeshare Style

Massanutten Four Season Resort is a 6,000 acre mountain vacation destination just 1-1/2 hours from [...]


Pittsburgh is KidsBURGH Weekend Itinerary

Want to make a quick little vacation before school starts? Pittsburgh is just a few [...]

Don’t Forget to Pack This for #RoadTrips

We just returned from sunny California for our Kidifornia summer vacation – what a whirlwind [...]

Avoid Dehydration with this Tasty Solution

Dehydration can occur fast if you are sweating a lot while exercising, in the sun [...]

Do You Grind Your Teeth? Have TMJ or Bruxism? Try this Inexpensive Mouth Guard for Relief

If you grind or clench your teeth at night, you know the pain of sore [...]

Give Your Tired and Sore Feet a Break with a GelPro Elite Mat

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Escape to Tropical Sandusky, Ohio at Castaway Bay

Escape to a balmy 82° tropical Caribbean getaway with just a short drive to Castaway [...]

Incredible Served Daily with Bonefish Grill NEW Winter Menu

“Incredible served daily” is the motto that Bonefish Grill promises every customer and this Winter season [...]

7 Ohio Train Car Restaurants that will Make You Blow Your Whistle

My husband and I to our extended families to Quaker Square in Akron to eat [...]