9 Ways You Can Use Your Garden this Summer that will Suit the Whole Family

Now summer is fast approaching many of us love the idea of getting in our gardens more. It’s the sunshine and the fresh air I think that does it for many of us. It’s not just the adults either. Children benefit from spending lots of time outside. It can help them use up that built up energy they have and aid with their sleeping at night. Which many parents love. But, as much as we sometimes have the best intentions, we can let the idea of getting out in the back garden pass us by. This is because it perhaps requires a little work after the winter months.

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All you need to do is spend a bit of time sprucing the garden up. This might mean mowing the lawns, tidying things away and weeding the flowerbeds. It can be that simple and then you have a space that is much more usable. It might require you to invest in some storage to keep it tidy, and you may want to purchase some new furniture so that you can make more use out of it. But you will love the finished results. So if you are in a position where your garden is ready to be utilized. Then I thought I would share with you nine ways you can get more use out of your garden this summer.

9 Ways You Can Use Your Garden this Summer that will Suit the Whole Family
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 1.  Garden games for kids and adults

Garden games can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. It could be something you have purchased from a store. This might mean bowling pins and a big ball, or perhaps some racquet ball to play with. Adults and children will love the competitive spirit it can ignite. It’s the perfect way to pass some time and get everyone being active during the summer. Too many times children and adults can spend their lives looking at technology. It’s fun to go back to basics a little.

2.  Water flights to cool down

Who doesn’t love a good water fight? It’s a great way to cook down on the hotter days. You can purchase water guns that can be a lot of fun or even use balloons and fill them with water. Again it gives your children a chance to be active with all the running around it encourages.

3.  Cooking outside

Why not use your garden for cooking in? While it’s something many adults like the idea of, not many implement it into their summer. But it’s a great chance to socialize with the family at meal times and also offers a formal way of entertaining with extended family and friends. More often than not the reason some people struggle with the cooking outside is what tools to use. This is where fire food chef’s Rec Tec review could come in handy to offer invaluable advice.

9 Ways You Can Use Your Garden this Summer that will Suit the Whole Family
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4.  Eating outside could feel like a new adventure

Eating outside should definitely be encouraged. Especially if you have took the time to use a grill and prepare your meal in the garden. For children this can feel like a real step away from normal routine. It can almost feel like an adventure to some younger children. You may find that changing the place they eat might encourage them to eat more or try new foods. So worth considering if your children are a little fussy.

5.  Create an area you can relax in

If you are taking the time to change a few things in your garden, then why not consider creating a little area you can relax in. Many families tend to make their gardens work for their children and forget that sometimes it’s nice to have an area you can relax in yourself. Now is the perfect chance to create a little place of peace and tranquility.


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6.  Read a book

When was the last time you read a book in your garden? Probably hasn’t been for a while. So why not add this to your summer bucket list and take some time out for yourself. You won’t believe the difference a little break away for you time can make to how you feel and your mood. Many mothers often don’t take time out for herself. So if reading isn’t your thing, or you prefer magazines then just use this time as a chance to catch up with yourself. Life can get too hectic sometimes.

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7.  Enjoy your morning coffee

Another thing you could consider would be to drink your morning coffee in your garden. This is often a time when the children are still sleeping, and all is quiet in the surrounding area. It could be a great time for you to plan your day and work out what you need to do. Being in the fresh air will also help wake you up as much as the coffee will. It could help you start your day on a better note.

8.  Paddling pool fun

What is it about children and water? They may not love drinking it but they certainly love playing in it. A paddling pool is when you could add some real excitement to their day. It doesn’t have to be anything to flashy. You can pick up some great ones quite cheaply in your local store. But the children will have hours of fun splashing around in the pool. It’s also a great way to keep them cool during the hotter days.


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9.  Re-design it to suit everyone

Finally, take the opportunity to re-design your garden to suit everyone. So if that means you want a space to eat outside then make sure you get it sorted. Along with a place for the adults to unwind. Maybe you way to create an area just for the children if your garden has enough space. This might include a swingset or a slide. These types of things can add hours or fun to your child’s day. Some parents like to include a built in sandpit as well. There are plenty of options and the best advice would be to try and utilize your garden as an extra room of your home.

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