Best vanity for kids bathroom, American Standard Generations Vanity has built-in, slide-out step stool

picture of Generations Vanity with kid on step

I am absolutely crazy about the American Standard Generations Vanity we installed in our kids’ bathroom. It is beautiful, functional, and made for kids.

picture of Generations Vanity with Step out
Generations Vanity with Step out

It is designed for kids. It’s not just kid-friendly, it is designed for kids. There’s a big difference.

The slide out and step up feature is amazing! If you have kids, you know the hassle, annoyance, and how unsafe stand-alone lousy step stools are in the bathroom. They usually are too small for kids to safely stand on yet somehow so large that they get in the way of anything you are drying to do in the bathroom. And some how, step stools disappear right when your kids have to brush their teeth.

The American Standard Generations Vanity step gracefully slides out of the vanity and back again with ease. This large platform is the entire width of the vanity, making it safe and simple for young kids to wash their hands, brush their teeth, and groom. The platform is also has a non-slip finish so your kids can safely use this feature.

picture of American Standard Generations Vanity Slide Out Step
American Standard Generations Vanity Slide Out Step
picture of Generations Vanity with kid on step
Generations Vanity with kid on step

This is a beautiful piece of furniture. It is constructed solid with poplar solids and birch veneers. The dark chocolate finish is lovely and timeless. The rattan door insert adds style and elegance to this vanity. It is beautiful.

picture of Generations Vanity doors and step open
Generations Vanity doors and step open

The vanity is engineered to maximize under counter space while still allowing for necessary plumbing. Seriously, why didn’t anyone think of this before? There is a much-needed shelf in this vanity. The shelf has a cut out in the center that allows for the sink plumbing. We were very impressed with this feature of the Generations Vanity.

picture of Extra Shelf for bathroom storage inside Generations Vanity
Extra Shelf for bathroom storage inside Generations Vanity

You wouldn’t believe how this vanity has changed our lives. Seriously. The kids can reach the sink all by themselves now for washing their hands and brushing their teeth. We are not dealing with the hassle of the step stools anymore. In fact, both of my kids can stand on the slide-out vanity step stool at the same time to brush their teeth. This isn’t always recommended with 2 kids as fighting often occurs when you get a 3 & 5 year old so close, but it is roomy enough for 2 kids.

picture of American Standard Generations Vanity with 2 kids slide out step stool
American Standard Generations Vanity with 2 kids slide out step stool

I know what you must be thinking. If this step stool can hold 2 kids, then how large is this monster? Well, check out the photo below, it should put your mind at rest. It is only 14-1/2″ deep. The door does not hit the step stool in our 5′ x 10′ bathroom.

picture of American Standard step stool depth
American Standard step stool depth

    Buy American Standard Generations Vanity

    You can purchase American Standard Generations Vanity for $700-900 and the American Standard Newbern Vanity Top With Integral Bowl for $200 – through authorized showroom, retail outlets such as Lowes and Home Depot, and online at for $700-900.

    This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to American Standard who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of products at

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    45 thoughts on “Best vanity for kids bathroom, American Standard Generations Vanity has built-in, slide-out step stool

    1. RHONDA HEYDEN says:

      This is a great product. I love the step stool. The design is very nice and nuetral. Thank you for sharing.

    2. Cindy says:

      American Standard has a name based on a reputation of quality and being innovative. This is yet another must-have feature for kids that they have developed. I’m grateful! 🙂

    3. Sarabeth says:

      I love the Step Out feature! I’ve never seen that before on a vanity. I’ve always thought American Standard was a nice brand for bathrooms.

    4. Chelsea Roberts says:

      I would have never thought of anything like this! I know so many people who would love to/ need to have this! haha.

    5. Rachel Benson says:

      Wow, I love the sliding step stool. That is a great idea. I have the plastic stool that also acts as bath toy storage. Its great and serves its purpose, but its definitely an eye sore.

      I think I mentioned this on a different post, but I LOVE your bath curtain.

    6. jennifer mosgrove says:

      Coolest vanity ever! Why didn’t I think of that? My hubby & I would quit constantly tripping over my son’s stepstool!

    7. Rose Habart says:

      The built in step stool is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!! My girls have their own stool. But when they put it in front of the sink and stand on it, they are constantly knocking it over and falling! This would be perfect for toddlers!

    8. Cindy says:

      From step to top of cabinet, it is 28 inches. With our counter, it is a total of 30 inches from step to counter top. My daughter is 40 inches tall and can use it very easily.

    9. Lentil says:

      What a great idea. The problem with the stand alone step stool is storing it — this really resolves that. Right now I end up holding my two year old or sitting her on the sink when she wants/needs to reach the faucet. (Even with the step stool we have she still can’t reach too well). How tall does a kid need to be to use this comfortably?

    10. Jennifer H says:

      How awesome! It comes w/it own stepstool. I’ve never seen that before and think it’s an awesome idea.

    11. Cindy says:

      You’ve got that right R Hicks! It’s such a beautiful piece of furniture, yet designed for kids. I guess that gives us no excuses to not have an elegant looking living space, even with kids! 🙂

    12. R Hicks says:

      Nice looking bath. I am so surprised to see such a vanity with a slide out step up. That is very smart of them to make it for the kids.

    13. Kristen Huss says:

      WOW!!! what an ingenius idea!! Going to show my hubby and have him build something similar soon!!

    14. Cindy says:

      We love the convenience this vanity gives us and the beauty. It’s a mom’s dream, no more step stools taking up space in the bathroom!

    15. Margie Seibert says:

      That is so cool! I totally want one of these now. We are constantly moving a stool around the bathroom! I love the dark wood color!

    16. Cindy says:

      It does fit perfectly for young kids, then hides away and you can’t even tell it is there. So when your kids grow up, it doesn’t look “babyish” or anything. Plus, you’ll have it for guests that have small kids too.

    17. Cindy says:

      Yes, American Standard really got it right with this vanity. Not only is it designed for kids with the step but also for moms that need that little extra space for storage with the shelf.

    18. Melissa Barnes says:

      wow, this is a great vanity! you are so right there is a huge difference between kid friendly and designed for kids. Love the shelf too with a cut out fo the plumbing – i love that feature!

    19. Molly W. says:

      I love this!! We are always tripping over the step stool in the bathroom, this would be an ideal solution to our problem!

    20. Cindy says:

      Thanks, Kristen. We love it. Not only is it beautiful but perfect for families with young kids. I don’t know if it was designed by a Mom specifically but I bet some moms had input on it from within American Standard!

    21. Kristen says:

      WoW! What a pretty piece with great functionality! Love the built in step stool–was this designed by a Mom?!? 🙂

    22. Cindy says:

      We can’t thank American Standard enough, Jeannette! The products are not only top quality but beautifully designed, the most kid-friendly we’ve ever seen, and simply stunning elements to our bathroom. Thanks so much!

    23. Jeannette Long says:

      Hi Cindy,
      The bathroom looks great and your kids are adorable! You guys really did a great job with the remodel. Hope all is well and keep us posted with your projects. Jeannette

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