Front Door Installation with Clopay

We all woke up early today in excitement and anticipation of our new Clopay Entry Door installation.  D&R Garage Doors Plus came out to install our Clopay Entry Door.

When we purchased our home, there was no front door. The previous owners tried to style the home as a Frank Lloyd Wright home with hidden doors. Cool enough but not when you live with a house with only back doors!

Once we removed the plywood, a giant hole in our house was exposed. The final measurements and leveling revealed that my father-in-law is an expert in his field with everything dead-on perfect.  I was amazed at how quick the actual entry door installation was.  It took three men to carry the pre-assembled door from the truck to the front door area.

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Clopay Entry Door Installation – Craftsman Collection

Once the Clopay Craftsman Collection Entry Door was revealed and in place, I almost cried. It was so beautiful.

It is an absolutely gorgeous door in every way.

The Fir grain looks like real wood, it is hard to believe it is fiberglass. The medium oak color matches the of the medium finish of our Clopay Canyon Ridge garage door perfectly. So does the style. A huge selling point of Clopay is that you can buy entry doors and garage doors that compliment one another and your home’s architecture.

picture of Clopay Craftsman Collection Entry Door
Clopay Craftsman Collection Entry Door

The 6 grilles on the door’s window matches the full sidelites while adding plenty of light inside and visual interest to our entry.

picture of Clopay Craftsman Collection Entry Door Sidelites
Clopay Craftsman Collection Entry Door Sidelites

My favorite part of the Clopay Entry Door is the dentil shelf. It adds style and beauty to not only the door but the overall entrance experience and our house.

picture of Clopay Entry Door with Dentil Shelf
Clopay Entry Door with Dentil Shelf

Below is the first picture of our Clopay Entry Door on our house. As you can see, the siding is off and not looking too pretty!

picture of Clopay Entry Door Installed
Clopay Entry Door Installed

The actual Clopay entry door installation was less than 2 hours. It took another few hours to put the wood siding back up since we had to measure and cut the old pieces of redwood to fit the new shape around the door. The new un-painted wood box was built to hide the electric meter. My father-in-law did a beautiful job crafting and building it. It will blend in once painted and provide a corner to put a planter.

picture of Craftsman Collection Entry Door Installed
Craftsman Collection Entry Door Installed

Adding a Clopay Entry Door and Garage Door has given our home an extreme facelift. It has added curb appeal and overall value of our home.  It has totally changed the entire look and feel of our home.

We have plans to paint our home this Summer, to compliment the door. Now that we see the stark contrast between the beautiful door and the house, we will be pushing that project to the top of the list!  There is some repair work also needed to the existing redwood siding. We have replaced the siding around the new Clopay Entry Door, however with taking it off and putting it back on, we need to fill in extra holes, scrap off the exposed paint, and repaint. We will be repainting our entire home in a coordinating color. We would like to bring back the natural redwood style and color of our home, perhaps a russet color.

picture of Our front entry
Clopay Entry Door Installation

Also on our home remodel list is a total facelift of the front deck, walkway around the house, and landscaping. This will not be completed this Summer. However, we will paint the wood deck to match the new house color to make it look nicer this Summer. I’m not sure what we are going to do but I would love to put a stamped concrete patio around the entire house and where the front deck is currently.

D&R Garage Doors and a representative from Clopay did a fantastic job installing our Clopay entry door in less than a couple hours. They are also authorized Clopay garage door dealer servicing the tri-state area and the closest location for those living in Summit County. Find your local installer here.

Although adding the Clopay Entry Door and Garage door has totally transformed our home, it won’t be complete until our house is repainted. Our foyer is still under construction too, I’m excited to show you that reveal too and how the Clopay entry door beautifies the inside of our home. I cannot wait to reveal the final project is fall.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Clopay who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with Check out the great selection of products at

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