Creating a New Home Office

It is time we move out for our extra bedroom home office and into a new space on the main floor of our home. My husband works full time from home and I spend many hours blogging in our home office. Having a space designed to spark creativity as well as a sound barrier proof spot in the house is just what we need.

There is an extra space located off of our family room that is just “extra”. We haven’t used the space for anything but storing our kids toys but they haven’t even used the space to actually play in. It is located right off of where our front door entrance will be once we knock out the existing kitchen, so it is idea for walk-in clients, etc.

Here is a picture of the extra space that will become our Home Office.

picture of Extra Space that will be our new office
Extra Space that will be our new office

First, we added a door where there once was a closet. This will go into a hallway we are creating that will run from the foyer to the office, bathroom, and large storage/toy closet. Thankfully, my brother-in-law got a beautiful door from his work for us. It’s gorgeous and just perfect for an office.

picture of New Door for our office
New Door for our office

Next, we had to remove the old carpet which was very easy. Just wrapped it up nicely with twine and put it on the curb for trash pick up. That is the key to home remodeling, if it can’t be recycled, do all the big jobs the day before trash pick up day so you don’t have excess materials and garbage hanging around all week!

After tearing up the carpet, I ran through and patched up any nicks or marks on the wall with joint compound. After it dried, I sanded it down smooth. Surprisingly, this room had very little blemishes.

picture of In progress home office remodel
In progress home office remodel

We will be installing Tarkett’s Laminate from their Cross Country division Seagrass Japanese in the home office, which is the same flooring we have in the area that will be the new kitchen and dining room. It will be just beautiful and so much better than carpet for rolling our office chairs around. 🙂

Next, we will build a wall from the perspective of where the camera took the photo. We plan to use extra insulating material of some type that we still need to research. This will hopefully block noise coming from the family room and main level of the house.

Designing our Home Office Space

Now, the space isn’t huge, but suitable for two office desks. We have a system from IKEA that will fit just perfectly. We may add larger windows in this room at a later point as well. Designing our Home Office Space is going to be fun. Now is the time to do it right. I browsed the web and found some amazing home office pictures.

[slickr-flickr tag=office]

Which do you like best?

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