Kitchen Makeover – 3 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Renovation Your Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most used rooms within a house. As such it should top your priority list when it comes to home improving. In that light, kitchen remodeling can either be a massive, grueling task, or a fairly enjoyable experience, with only a slight disruption of your family’s life over a short time period. It all boils down to what kind of makeover you have in mind for your kitchen.

The modern world of home improvement is also characterized by numerous trends of kitchen remodeling, whereby you can choose the one that best suits your taste and budget. One trend that is rapidly gaining popularity is the Eco-friendly trend, which is geared towards promoting environmental conservation. Moreover, transforming your kitchen to an eco-friendly one is so affordable one. You might even consider using crowd funding to finance the renovation project.

Here are 3 great eco-friendly ideas for giving your kitchen an outstanding makeover:


  1. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is an excellent choice of flooring for an eco-friendly kitchen. Besides the kitchen, you can also have the entire home covered with bamboo flooring; it not only looks gracious and sophisticated, but it’s also great for the environment. When it comes to hardwood flooring, it is quite hard to be eco-friendly, since the wood comes from our beautiful trees and forests. However, if you must apply hardwood flooring, you can consider going for salvaged wood and be sure not to waste the extra from your remodel.


  1. Counter Tops

Recycled materials are a great investment when it comes to environmental conservation. If you’re looking for eco-friendly kitchen countertops, then look no further than granite, glass, and concrete. To begin with, they are low maintenance, and secondly, there is no risk of them emitting any toxic vapors.

Furthermore, they are available in a vast range of sizes and thickness, and you can purchase them based on your individual needs. You can also go for kitchen countertops made from recycled materials. Some of the most popular recycled material that can make your kitchen beautiful and eco-friendly includes glass and certain stones.

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  1. Stove Tops

It is imperative that you check to see what kind of oven you currently have, lest you end up making errors when purchasing a new one. The best alternative to the traditional gas burner is the induction cook top, which heats by molecular movement, rather than by burning natural gas, and hence save substantially on the energy used for cooking.

In addition to being eco-friendly, the induction cook tops are also safe for children around the house, considering the fact that children cannot get burnt if they touch one accidentally. Conversely, a gas burner can be catastrophic in case of an accident. In fact, kitchen accidents are the most prevalent in the house, and you should do everything possible to minimize them.



A Kitchen makeover is among the most desirable home remodeling projects for many homeowners in Ohio. Furthermore, it is one of the greatest investments one can make when it comes to home improvement, and when done right it adds much more value to your home than the cost of the project.

You can also capitalize on kitchen remodeling to promote the ‘go green’ philosophy. This can be achieved by transforming your kitchen into an eco-friendly one. Besides using energy-efficient equipment and appliances for the kitchen, you need to implement the above kitchen makeover ideas to realize your goal.


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