Our Master Bathroom Remodel Continues – We Added a Freestanding Tub!

Mansfield Plumbing Lana Freestanding Tub Review

Adding a freestanding tub to your master bathroom quickly transforms an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious, spa-like retreat. Mansfield Plumbing has a gorgeous collection of freestanding tubs to quickly update any bathroom. They ship within 5 days which means your bathroom remodel can start right away too!

This is a sponsored post for Mansfield Plumbing. All opinions are my own.

Out of Mansfield Plumbing’s Whitley Collection of Freestanding Tubs, we chose the Lana. The Lana matches the modern, contemporary style that we are going for in our master bathroom.

But first…we had to get our bathroom ready! We tore the old bathroom apart and worked our way into our bedroom for the expansion.

We build new walls – you can see the shower base on the bottom left with a stud wall, the tub will be on this side of the shower. We thought about keeping the wall open with a 1/2 glass wall between the shower and tub.  remodeling master bathroomIn the end, we opted for more privacy in the shower and a solid wall for towel rods.

In our previous bathroom, all of the plumbing was on the right side of the room. Now we are adding the shower and tub to the left side, which was previously our bedroom. There was a lot of plumbing necessary. This is not a DIY project, hire a contractor like we did.remodeling master bathroom adding plumbing

Once the plumbing was in, we added a floor, painted the walls, and was ready to install our freestanding tub! We ordered Mansfield Plumbing Lana freestanding bathtub that places right up to the wall. There are other models that can be placed in the center of the room if you like – no wall necessary. That would be totally elegant but we don’t have that kind of space.

I still can’t believe this is my tub! Isn’t it the most gorgeous tub you’ve ever seen? It’s huge too, with a center drain for 2-person comfort.  The tub is made out of solid acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement, so it is going to last and comes with a 10 year warranty.  The Lana freestanding tub adds a focal point and luxury factor to our entire bathroom – and master bedroom suite. If we ever sell this house, I know it will be a huge selling point!

Mansfield Plumbing Lana freestanding bathtub review

My husband and father-in-law (licensed contractor) installed the tub with no problems. The legs have adjustable leveling, so that made for an easy installation. They also had no problem installing the plumbing and faucet hardware. Installing the tub was one of the quickest parts of this master bathroom remodel so far!Mansfield Plumbing Lana freestanding bathtub review

My husband and I were debating whether we should include a bath tub to our master bathroom remodel. We don’t typically use a tub so we considered resale value first.  With research, I found that homeowners and potential home buyers are looking for homes with a walk-in shower (which we just completed) AND a tub, specifically a freestanding tub – not a tub/shower combo. We located our Lana freestanding tub next to the shower, with a solid wall in between.

Mansfield Plumbing Lana Freestanding Tub Review

I read an article recently on “mom time” and how essential it is to spend time on your own to be your own self, not Mom, not wife, not any other hat that you may wear. I recently injured my hand. With doctor’s orders, I’ve had to rest and soak my hand with Epsom salt. This is perfect timing as the tub was just installed. This Lana soaking tub was just waiting for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my evening soaks in the freestanding tub more than I could have ever imagined. I’ve discovered “mom” or “me” time and love it!

We are still decorating but the tub is installed and getting plenty of use.

Mansfield Plumbing Lana Freestanding Tub Review

I can count on one hand how many times I have taken a bath with our previous shower tub combo. Now, taking a relaxing therapeutic soak in the freestanding tub is an almost nightly routine for me. My husband and kids have also enjoyed soaking. It is amazing how much this tub has encouraged restful sleep for us as it really calms computers take a bath in it before bedtime.

The tub is huge, offering plenty of room to really lie back and relax, even if you are tall. The water stays warm the whole time too, I didn’t see anything in the manual about this feature but it is nice to have a long soak with the water staying warm. Plus, if I fill it too much water or if the kids splash up water while playing, the integrated overflow is there for me (it also made installation easy since it was integrated).

Mansfield Plumbing Lana Freestanding Tub Review

I knew that from a homeowner’s point of view, adding a freestanding tub would be good for our home’s resale value. I had no idea how much I would personally (and my family) enjoy the tub and how it has improved overall health and mood. I love my Lana freestanding tub.

Mansfield Plumbing Lana Freestanding Tub Review

Stay tuned for more construction photos and posts and for the final reveal with professional photos!

Check out Mansfield Plumbing’s website and Facebook page to start your next bathroom renovation project.

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