No Excuses—Now is the Right time to Replace Those Drafty Windows

Chad Howman, President of Universal Windows Direct, began his career as a window installer working for a competing company. Shortly thereafter, he was hired on as a sales representative with Universal Windows Direct. His passion for the company and hard work paid off, and he was appointed President in 2015.

As President of a global leader in the home improvement industry, Chad hears nearly every reason why Cleveland homeowners forego upgrading with new replacement windows—even if it means lower utility bills and more money in their bank accounts.

universal windows direct Replace Drafty Windows

Below are homeowners’ top excuses for settling with outdated and drafty windows. Does your excuse make the list?

Excuse #1: I Don’t Have the Time

While the weather is still decent around here in Cleveland and high school football is in full swing, you probably find yourself tending to tasks like yardwork and taking your kids to practice. While it’s understandable that you’re busy—after all, we all are—now is the time to begin thinking about frigid temperatures that will ultimately make your home feel like an ice box.

In just a few short weeks, your outdated windows will make it clear that winter is around the corner. Blustery winds will make their way through drafty window sashes and cause your HVAC system to work in overdrive.

“Every minute spent living with your old windows is another dollar spent on energy use,” said Chad. “Getting a quote is quick and convenient. We’ll come out today to measure your windows, give an estimate, and place your order.”

universal windows direct Replace Drafty Windows

Excuse #2: The Weather Isn’t Cold Enough Yet

If you’re thinking of waiting until the first frost sets in to replace your windows, think again. Homeowners who put off window replacement until the weather turns cold are often ambushed by chilly temperatures inside of their own home—even when they were too busy to notice it before.

“Once the kids go back to school and you start spending more time inside, you’ll find yourself turning up the thermostat and running your HVAC system,” said Chad.

When you order energy efficient UniShield® replacement windows, it takes around four weeks to complete the manufacturing process. This means that if you’re cold now, you’re already running about a month behind on making your home warmer and more energy efficient.

“It’s a common misconception to think that you place an order for your windows and they’re installed a few days later,” said Chad.

On the other side of the coin, some homeowners think that once cold weather is around the corner, it’s too late to replace their windows. They fear that the process will promote energy loss and be more trouble than it’s worth.

“The good news is that we can install windows in cold weather without losing energy in the home. Our installers are very efficient and can complete the project quite quickly,” Chad assures.

The bottom line? Stay a step ahead of the weather and don’t wait until it’s cold to replace your windows.

universal windows direct Replace Drafty Windows

Excuse #3: I’ll Replace the Windows Myself and Save Money

This not-so-bright idea has a lot of cons to consider. DIY window replacement is generally ill-advised because it compromises the performance of the window—whether we’re talking about windows from a home improvement store or from a professional replacement window company. Even highly efficient windows such as UniShield® can’t make your home warmer if they’re incorrectly installed.

Furthermore, windows purchased from a home improvement store present problems unique to their own. “Stock windows simply aren’t made to fit your home to its exact specifications,” warns Chad. DIYers will find themselves filling in the gaps to prevent energy loss or making the window openings wider.

The window installation crew at Universal Windows Direct is certified by Installation Masters, which means that each installer has over 10,000 hours of experience with window replacement. When you stack this against the average homeowner, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to install your new windows with the precision and accuracy of a professional.

The crew at UWD is prompt and puts in a full day of work to complete your install. Not only will this help make your home warmer, but you’ll also have the advantage of a non-prorated lifetime window warranty, insulated glass package, and windows that are custom made to fit your home.

“We take the time to explain both our product and process to our customers,” said Chad. “We want them to feel absolutely confident about how they’re spending their money.”

universal windows direct Replace Drafty Windows

Excuse #4: Windows are too Expensive

While it’s true that high quality replacement windows can be a pricey upgrade, the good news is that UWD offers several financing options. Homeowners can opt for up to 60 months of interest-free financing, which allows you to make low monthly payments without interest.

universal windows direct Replace Drafty Windows

Another option is to choose six or 12 months same as cash—which allows for no payment and no interest for the full term. This is a good option if you’re waiting for a potential Christmas bonus check or tax refund.

Lastly, UWD is running a limited promotion for buy one get one free replacement windows. If you’re in the market for new replacement windows, there’s no better time than now to contact UWD for your free quote.

universal windows direct Replace Drafty Windows

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