Princess Theme Girl Bedroom Remodel

picture of Princess Border for Princess Theme Girl Bedroom Remodel

My daughter’s doctor told her that she was the “Princess of the World” a couple months ago and she hasn’t forgotten. Doctors hold a lot of authority in a 3 year old’s mind. Elijah likes to argue and tell her that she is not really the Princess of the World. Elizabeth proudly tells him that “My doctor said I am the Princess of the World”. Elijah pleads with me to tell her that she isn’t really the Princess of the World, he says, “Mom, you KNOW that I am right. Tell Her!” I tell him that she is the Princess of Mommy’s World but he usually still isn’t satisfied.

Princess Theme Girl’s Bedroom Remodel

Girls love to dream of being a princess, living in a castle, and wearing princess gowns. It is fun to let them use their imaginations and have fun being a girl. Elizabeth chose the Disney Princess theme for her bedroom remodel.

We previously scraped off old, stinky wallpaper, removed an entire wall, built a new closet, and prime coated the entire room white. This gave us a clean, white-walled slate to work with.

First, we selected the border. It was between Dora the Explorer and Disney Princesses. At first, Elizabeth was leaning toward Dora but we were afraid she would outgrow Dora much sooner than Disney Princesses. We encouraged her to select the princesses as she would not outgrow this too quickly. Elizabeth’s room is 15×15 square, so we needed 4 packs of wall paper border which came in 15′ pieces. The 4 packs cost about $44.

picture of Princess Border for Princess Theme Girl Bedroom Remodel
Princess Border for Princess Theme Girl Bedroom Remodel

Selecting a Paint Color for Girl Bedroom Remodel

Elizabeth choose Purple for paint before we even got to the store. Most stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sears will have a color palate for kids. This is very helpful in selecting fun kid color paint.  Some stores even have computers where you can select 2 or more colors and “paint them” on a bedroom to see how they work together.

We visually color matched the purple and pink from the Princess Border for Elizabeth’s room. Most stores will use their computer to color match directly for you. We didn’t trust the man behind the counter’s ability this particular time because he was new. We did fine using the swatches. We paid about $30 for each gallon of paint.

Painting Girl Bedroom Remodel

We decided to put the border down low so Elizabeth could enjoy it. We placed it between 33″ and 48″ from the floor, it’s a pretty large border. We marked the wall by measuring the 2 points and drawing a hash-line on the wall with a pencil. Next, we used a level to draw a straight line and connect the hash-lines. We used these lines as guides to where to paint the 2 colors and to line up the wallpaper border later.

If you are brave, let your kids help paint their rooms. They will love it. Just be sure to go right behind them with the roller to smooth it all out. If you don’t, you will have glumpy sections of paint all over the walls. I just put old clothes on Elizabeth and let her go at it! Check out her hair, arm, and clothes with purple paint! She had so much fun and felt so proud of herself.

picture of Let kids help paint their bedroom
Let kids help paint their bedroom

We used a 2″ trim brush to paint next to the door frame, ceiling, and trim. Then, we used a roller to paint the pink first. I like to do the top section first in case any splatters down on the bottom half of the wall. Painting didn’t take long at all since there were 2 of us working, 3 counting Elizabeth.

picture of Girls Bedroom Princess Colors
Girls Bedroom Princess Colors

Hanging Wallpaper Border for Girl Bedroom Remodel

I was happy that my mother-in-law was helping me with the border because I’ve only done this a couple times before. First, we “painted” sizing on the entire area where the wallpaper border would be. This is mostly for the future when Elizabeth decides she is too old for princesses. The sizing will make wallpaper border removal easy so it doesn’t rip off the drywall!

Next, we unrolled all of the border to let it flatten out. Next, we measured each wall and added about 1 inch. Next, we measured the first section of border. We cut the piece against a straight edge tool on a glass cutting board for a nice, clean cut.

Then, roll the paper back up loosely. Dip the wall paper and slowly pull it out of the water. We just used the kitchen sink since my wall paper holder was damaged due to Elijah playing outside with it the night before catching toads!

picture of Getting Wallpaper Border Wet
Getting Wallpaper Border Wet

Next, we “booked” the border which is simply folding it over so that the gluey sides are together for about 5 minutes. To hang wallpaper border, just start against the edge of the wall and line it up with the 2 lines we previously marked. Be sure to smooth out the border so there are not air bubbles left.

picture of Hanging Wallpaper Border
Hanging Wallpaper Border

Measure the next wall. Find the point in which the wallpaper border stops on the 1st wall and cut the next piece to line up right at the corner of each wall. Do this for all 4 sides.

Princess Theme Girl Bedroom Remodel Done!

In just one afternoon, we were able to transform Elizabeth’s room from white walls to a Princess Theme Girl Bedroom.

White Walls were clean but not beautiful!

I loved that every 1/2 hour or so, Elizabeth would check on our progress. She would come into her new room with a great big grin on her face! She loves her new purple and pink Princess bedroom! It’s just perfect for the Princess of the World!

Princess Theme Girls Bedroom
Princess Theme Girls Bedroom
picture of Princess Theme Girls Bedroom
Princess Theme Girls Bedroom
Princess Theme Girls Bedroom
Princess Theme Girls Bedroom

Girl Bedroom Remodel Project Continues

We still have a few small things left to do in our Girl Bedroom Remodel project. We need to buy and paint a new bedroom door, closet door, and trim work. We need to replace the carpet in her bedroom and Elijah’s but we are waiting until the entire 2nd floor is remodeled to replace all of the carpet. We also need a new big girl bed, bedding, decor, and a ceiling fan to complete this room. It just takes time! :)

Tell me what you think!

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21 thoughts on “Princess Theme Girl Bedroom Remodel

  1. Cindy says:

    Border is so easy to install and when you use sizing, it is easy to take down. I don’t expect it to grow with her past the age of 8 or so but I’m not worried because I can easily add something else and paint!

  2. Rose Habart says:

    Considering doing a similar theme for my girls soon. Where did you get the border that you used here? Do you think it’s something that will ‘grow’ with her? Or would we be better opting for something that’s just ‘girly’. Large flowers or something that will follow her longer . . .

  3. ria says:

    I’m surprised that it cost so little to do the remodel- you guys make it look so easy. Great job!

  4. JESSICA says:

    Hello my name is Jessica, i would like to know how can i purchase the princess border for princess theme girl bedroom remodel, i am decorating my 4year old daughter bedroom. Please advise you could email me.

    Thank You,

  5. Jennifer Hess says:

    Love the color choice and border. My 3 1/2 year old loves princesses too. I just recently bought her Princess bedding, and am slowly converting her room into a princess inspired theme. I have decided to buy the princess sheets and pillow cases, but have decided to buy a neutral comforter that has flowers or some sort of design that matches the sheets instead of buying the matching princess comforter…that way she can grow into the comforter and we only have to change out the sheets!

  6. Jennifer P says:

    This Princess room looks perfect. What a lucky princess to have this! (And you did a great job putting it all together!)

  7. Stephanie R says:

    We were just at Home Depot looking at colors for our little lady’s room today. It’s hard to choose, and I never thought of doing two colors with a border in the middle. We might try to do something like that. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Paula Harmon says:

    That border is nice and big, but I love how you put it down low so she can really enjoy it. Good idea.

  9. Tiffany Schmidt says:

    I love the pic of her painting her room. There seems to be more on her (including hair) than on the wall!!

  10. Lori A. says:

    How fun!! I miss my daughter being a little Princess. :)
    I love border papers…easily adds fun and interest!

  11. Rose Habart says:

    I love the wall paper that you used. A lot of the Disney stuff is “babyish” and the child grows out of the theme in just a few years. But that wall paper is something that should last her for a little while.

  12. jeannine m says:

    Great job! I love the disney princess and I am doing that theme in my DD’s room :)

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