Tarkett is our Flooring Sponsor!

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I am ecstatic to announce that Tarkett is the Flooring Sponsor for our Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home. Tarkett offers an impressive collection of hard flooring products to fit any style imaginable. Their collections include Fiber Floor, Vinyl Sheet, Laminate, and  Luxury Tile.

We have the privilege to install at least one example from each of their collections in our home. I will be sharing with you about our experiences with Tarkett flooring including information on the company, product selection, installation, how it wears, what we think of it, etc. We will include lots of great before and after photos. My hope is that we can inspire you with your home remodel needs as we explore Tarkett together.

The house remodel project will be on Tarkett website with a video blog where we will talk about our expectations of each room remodel, how it progresses, and how it turns out in the end. I hope you will join us in this adventure, take home some tips, and visit a Tarkett showroom soon!

Going from Stinky Shag-World to Luxurious & Beautiful…

I am overflowing with anticipation in seeing the home transformation from the Stinky, Outdated Shag World INTO a Home with Luxurious Floors that are Beautiful and Kid-Friendly!

Since moving to the woods, our biggest problem has been the old carpet in the house. We’ve found that our allergies are more severe living so close to the woods, old carpet doesn’t help as years and years of dirt, pollen, and pet hair is trapped beneath. Oh sure, I’ve shampooed the carpets at least 4 times in the last 6 months since we moved here but they are horrible, absolutely horrible. And smelly.When it rains or is humid outside, old stains and who knows what else smell up the carpets, the rooms, the entire house.

I know that once we lift the old, dirty carpets and replace them with smooth, clean hard floors, our allergies will see a significant change as well. I will feel so much better knowing that my kids are crawling around and playing on clean, safe floors.

Tarkett Fiber Floor is a super kid product

I will be talking with you about all of the flooring in the weeks to come, giving you a Mommy perspective on each product.

The collection that I am most excited to explore is the Tarkett Fiber Floor. The reason Tarkett created Fiber Floor is “to fit right in to this reality-packed refuge you call home…it is smart and tough and beautiful and completely life-resistant.” I love they they designed a flooring with Moms in mind.

Key features of Fiber Floor that Moms love:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Stain resistant
  • Water, moisture, mold, & mildew resistant
  • Warm, quiet, and comfortable
  • Wear, scuff, scratch, indentation resistant

For busy families like mine, the last thing I want to worry about is my new flooring not being kid-friendly. I don’t want to yell at my kids to not run or play or paint or dance on the floors for fear of ruining the flooring. I want my kids to experience, play, laugh, and still have good floors! :)

Fiber Floor has unique designs to create high-end styles throughout your home.

We plan to install Fiber Floor in both of our kids bedrooms. They have exciting, fun styles for kids bedrooms and playrooms that you really just have to check Fiber Floor Fun Collection out for yourself.

picture of Fiber Floor Easy Living Fun
Fiber Floor Easy Living Fun

They have creative floors that look like the big city with roads for your kid to drive his cars and trucks on or cool camouflage or steel looking floors for older kids and other fantastic and fun patterns to brighten up any room.

For Elijah’s Room, we plan to install the Fiber Floor Easy Living Fun Collection Funtastic Island. This will match perfectly with his jungle theme.

picture of FiberFloor Funtastic Island
Fiber Floor Funtastic Island

For Elizabeth’s room, we are selecting the Fiber Floor Easy Living Fun Collection Square Dance. The colors will match perfectly with her princess theme room. It will really brighten up  her room too.

picture of FiberFloor Square Dance
Fiber Floor Square Dance

One of the unique aspects of Fiber Floor is that it can be installed without adhesive. This makes the product ideal for kids bedrooms and playrooms. As your kid grows and his style changes, you can easily pick up the flooring and install another product without the major job of uninstalling the flooring which can be nasty and messy. Fiber Floor is a great option for those renting homes or apartments too, no damage is done to the existing floor while you customize your space to be your own. It can be installed over various types of flooring!

Stay tuned for continued posts on Tarkett as you watch each room be transformed right before your eyes!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Tarkett who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with AkronOhioMoms.com. Check out the great selection of products at http://www.tarkettna.com.

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9 thoughts on “Tarkett is our Flooring Sponsor!

  1. Rose Habart says:

    The fiber floors sound so awesome. I wish we would have known about that before we did our daughters’ room! Is it affordable?

  2. Heather says:

    The FiberFloor sounds awesome! I love that its easy to clean and stain resistant! Looks like there are a lot of great designs, too!

  3. Cindy says:

    Stay tuned Steph, I have a lot to tell you about each of Tarkett’s product lines, you’ll be able to make an informed decision for sure.

  4. Steph S. says:

    Thanks for posting this! We are considering an alternative to carpet in our house and it’s always good to hear about some different options! Thanks!

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