Update on Foyer Project with Underfloor Heating by Warmup

Our Total House Remodel project continues. We have finally completed the transformation of our old kitchen area into our new foyer with a hallway and kids closet.  I thought you might enjoy some before and after pictures as well as hear about how much we love our Warmup Under Floor Heating System.

This is a picture of our kitchen when we moved into our home almost 3 years ago. Our home had no front entrance, the kitchen was outdated and small, so we redesigned the entire living space.

Old Kitchen
Old Kitchen

We removed the old kitchen – what a joy that was!

Removing Kitchen Cabinets
Removing Kitchen Cabinets

We built a new kitchen at the rear of the house, in what was the living room.

New Kitchen Location
New Kitchen Location

Check out all of our kitchen remodel posts here. Below is our new kitchen!

New Kitchen
Photo by Perfect Day Film

Update on Foyer Project

Back to the foyer. We  installed a Clopay entry door, located at the front, center of our home. It is exactly where you would expect a front door to be located, although our home never had one.  It made a remarkable difference in our curb appeal.

Our Clopay Entry door with freshly painted house
Our Clopay Entry door with freshly painted house

Earlier, I explained How to Install Under Floor Heating. We installed the Warmup Underfloor Matting Systems in our foyer and hallway. Here is a quick video that will show you how easy it is to install under floor heating. It will also give you a peek at all the work involved in moving walls and remodeling this area.

As you can tell in the video – adding a front door is amazing but there is tons of work to be done inside, even after adding under floor heat.  After the video and installing the underfloor heat, we added new drywall walls in the foyer and hallway – that included building a new coat closet off the front door and a kids toys closet off the hallway.

We installed Tarkett’s Luxury Vinyl Tile from the PermaStone Collection in Firenze Leather, to match the same tile we placed in our adjoining guest bathroom. You can see below that we added grout line. Find out How to Install Luxury Vinyl Tile here.
foyerThis is what it looked like after removing the grout haze. Beautiful, huh? Next, we painted the walls, ceiling, and added trim around the door and along the floor.


No heat – No problem with Warmup Underfloor Heat

We have baseboard heat throughout our home. We love how warm it keeps our home.  The problem is that we had to re-route the pipes so that we could have an entry door. There is no basement, so we couldn’t hide them under the floor. We re-routed them above the door. However, there was no way to add vents This has been the primary source of heat in this area of our home. This is why we chose to use Warmup Underfloor Matting Systems in our foyer and hallway.

You cannot visually tell there there is an underfloor heating system in our foyer or hallway. With one step, you’ll notice and love the difference. We have enjoyed toasty toes all winter long with our Warmup underfloor heat! Our dogs love to lay on the tile floor – even more than our carpeted areas because of the warmth.

Below is an after picture of our transformed old kitchen turned luxury foyer with Clopay front door, Warmup under floor heat, and Tarkett luxury vinyl tile.

Our Foyer with Warmup Under Floor Heat
Our Foyer with Warmup Under Floor Heat

Notice our dog Arnold is guarding the door – i.e. staying warm on the toasty floor! Below is a picture of our hallway off of the foyer. Our kids like to play on the floor now too – it is great for LEGO building, blocks, and driving Barbie around in her convertible!

Notice below I shut our puppy, Roxy in the office to take this photo. 🙂 She is often found lounging with Arnold by the front door as well.

Hallway with Warmup Under Floor Heat
Hallway with Warmup Under Floor Heat

Here is another view of the hallway leading into the foyer. To the right is my kids’ toy closet. We added the closet to the floor plan too – this use to be part of both the old kitchen and the old guest bathroom – Yes, we did a LOT of relocating of rooms!

Hallway with Warmup Under Floor Heat
Hallway with Warmup Under Floor Heat

As you can see, this was a huge project but the results were well worth it. I am so satisfied with the way Warmup under floor heat has heated our entire large foyer area and hallway. It is always so pleasant to walk on the floor and feel the warmth throughout the room. Another bonus is that the floors dry almost instantly after I mop them or when kids bring in snowy boots! 🙂

Your Spring Remodel Project

Are you planning a Spring remodel project?  Consider adding Warmup flooring to your home – it works under almost all floor surfaces including carpet, tile, and more.  Although underfloor heating is very luxurious, it is more affordable than most would believe. Not only is it affordable to install but very affordable to operate, while keeping your home warmer.

Buy Warmup Floor Heating Mat

Find your local reseller of Warmup here. Locally, it is available at All Surface Kitchen & Bath in Medina, Ohio.

This was not a paid post. Opinions were used based on our perceptions and experience. Thank you to Warmup who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with AkronOhioMoms.com. Check out the great selection of products at http://www.warmup.com.

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