Why American Standard Princeton Tub is the Best Kids’ Bathroom Tub

In my last kids bathroom post, I told you about how to install the Princeton Tub by American Standard. My husband and father-in-law did an excellent job installing the bathtub and were thankful for the conveniences of easy installation that American Standard implemented such as how the tub is connected to a base for easy tub installation and the fact that it comes with a drain, which most tubs don’t.

My kids have had a fantastic time in their new indoor swimming pool American Standard Princeton Tub. My kids are ages 4 and 6 and both still enjoy bath time. To them, it’s a water wonderland to explore! We have a zillion bath toys as well as other bath products that make bath time PLAY TIME!

The American Standard Princeton Tub a modern update to the older style tubs with a lower profile for easier getting in and out, especially for kids. Don’t worry, although it is a lower profile, it doesn’t sacrifice space. Read on.

American Standard’s Americast Brand Engineered Material for bath tubs is an excellent alternative to cast iron. It is more durable, 50% lighter, and cost less to install. These are all great reasons but do you want to know why my kids like Americast? Because of these great reasons, Americast tubs are made deeper, flatter, and roomier than cast iron tubs. This equals more play room for kids and more space for adults who like to soak in the tub as well.

picture of American Standard Princeton Tub Installed
American Standard Princeton Tub Installed

And if you are soaking in the tub or playing, you will love that the Americast material keeps bath water warmer for longer – much longer! My kids use to want to get out of the tub because the water was getting cold OR I’d check on them and find freezing cold water that they were still playing in! Now, my kids can literally play in the tub for a hour and still have warm water. Yes, my kids really, really love to play in the bathtub!

Which brings me to another incredible kid-friendly feature of the American Standard Princeton Tub. It comes with a full slip-resistant surface on the entire bottom of the tub. The tub is safer for kids and grown ups not to fall in the tub while taking a bath or a shower. This solution is so much better, safer, cleaner, and healthier than stick-ons.

picture of American Standard Princeton Tub full slip-resistant surface
American Standard Princeton Tub full slip-resistant surface

Buy American Standard Princeton Tub

If you are in the market for a new bathtub, I recommend you checking out American Standard’s Princeton Tub. List Price $567 – 871.   Available at Lowe’s through online retailers including Lowe’s, Faucet Direct, Faucet.com, Amazon.com and more.  25% Off List Price through one of their Online Partners.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to American Standard who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with AkronOhioMoms.com. Check out the great selection of products at www.AmericanStandard-US.com.

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