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cliqstudios review

I have only just recently starting purchasing products online. I have not been brave enough to purchase shoes, clothes, or anything of significant value yet. When considering kitchen cabinets, I didn’t even think about shopping online when considering where to buy kitchen cabinets.

So anyway we started the process at a big box store, where many people automatically turn. It was a frustrating, time-consuming experience that ended in a quote way out of our budget for the big eyes that we had.

As luck would have it, I posted an article about our kitchen remodel on AkronOhioMoms. While re-reading the article, an ad for Cliq Studios popped up on the sidebar advertising section. I went to their site and liked what I saw right from the start.

cliqstudios review

It is a very easy-to-navigate website that made buying kitchen cabinets online look easy.  They have tons of photos for inspiration- I loved that too!

Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online with CliqStudios

My husband and I thought we’d start the process with a quick email to their design team to see what we thought. We received a quick reply from our designer, Tessa, who said, “my job is to help navigate you through the process as smoothly as possible.” Sounds good to me!

Better Prices when you buy kitchen cabinets online with CliqStudios

Right off the bat, we learned that CliqStudios cabinetry is a better value than big box retailers, both in pricing and quality. We had the #’s to prove it! CliqStudios Cabinetry claims that you can save an average of 38% by buying your kitchen cabinets online with them! Check out this case study.

cliqstudios review

How do you save so much money with CliqStudios? There is no middleman with CliqStudios. Plus, with big box retailers, they add up to 20% more for construction upgrades and another 15% for finish upgrades. Plus, CliqStudios offers free shipping! Pricing starts at just $110.40 per linear foot.

Better Quality when you buy kitchen cabinets online with CliqStudios

The cabinets that we were looking at when we went to the big box store didn’t have all the bells and whistles that come standard with CliqStudios. Those were extra, that is where a lot of the added price came into play. With CliqStudios, you get many features and benefits that are not included with many others.

  • Factory direct, fully-assembled cabinetry
  • All plywood box construction for added strength and durability (not pressed board cabinet boxes!)
  • Full extension steel, buffer close,and  under-mount drawer glide gives you a soft close
  • Custom built to order, one kitchen at a time (your kitchen is as unique as you!)
  • Superior finish with look and feel of quality furniture
  • Built from hand selected oak, maple and cherry hardwoods
  • Proudly built in the USA and backed by a Lifetime Warrant
picture of Cliq Studios Cabinet Construction
CliqStudios Cabinet Construction

CliqStudios Kitchen Cabinets Design Process

Kitchen Layout

Tessa sent us a worksheet to fill out so she could get to know our needs, wants, and space for our kitchen. It was a good form to get everything written down at once, including dimensions on our appliances.

AkronOhioMoms and CliqStudios Design Worksheet

Everything was measured already and even inputed into the Home Designer Suite from Home Architect software we used to design our entire home remodel and basic kitchen layout. We worked hard on the below design after weeks of using masking tape to mark out various kitchen layout designs. We sent this over to our CliqStudios designer Tessa.

A Kitchen with a view
The first ‘official’ draft of the kitchen design
Kitchen Design Concept image with large central island and bar
Our first draft of just the basics

This gave Tessa an idea of what we like. With the dimensions we provided her, she was able to figure out how many and what size cabinets would fit best. We also gave her a wish list of things we really wanted like shelves on the window-facing side of the island, large drawers, pantry, etc. We forgot about our microwave, so luckily she gave us the option of mounting it or leaving it on the counter. She gave us all sorts of options to personalize our kitchen to our needs and wants.

Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Style & Finish

Like I said, it looked like working with CliqStudios to buy our kitchen cabinets online was going to be easy. So far, it was just that. The next step was to choose a kitchen cabinet style. CliqStudios offers an excellent selection of kitchen cabinet styles without being overwhelming.

picture of Cliq Studios Cabinet Styles
CliqStudios Cabinet Styles

My husband and I liked two styles the best, the Rockford and the Fairmont. My husband liked the Rockford because it fits in line with the Frank Lloyd Wright feel of our home. We both agreed that the Fairmount with the inset doors was stunning.

picture of Rockford and Fairmount Cabinetry by Cliq Studios
Rockford and Fairmount Cabinetry by CliqStudios

The next step was to select the cabinet finish. We have already installed Tarkett’s Laminate from their Cross Country division Seagrass Japanese in the room, so we wanted the finish to compliment the flooring.  We plan to select our granite tops after we select our cabinetry. So, we chose what would match our flooring, dining room table in the adjoining room, and just what we liked. Each kitchen cabinet has its own set of finishes to choose from.

We requested samples of the door styles, in the colors we were considering. You get 2 free door samples with the option of ordering additional samples. This was excellent in giving people the ability to touch and feel the cabinetry before buying online. The ordering kitchen cabinets online process so far has been very, very easy. Being able to hold the samples in my hands and match them with our flooring, paint, etc, really put my mind at ease about buying kitchen cabinets online.

picture of Rockford cabinet door sample
Rockford cabinet door sample
picture of Fairmont door sample
Fairmont door sample

After receiving the samples, my husband and I both agreed that the Fairmont was absolutely perfect for our kitchen!

Our new kitchen layout

Tessa did a fantastic job on our new kitchen layout. It incorporated our basic idea that we created ourselves but with the style that only a professional designer can achieve. Don’t worry if you have no idea even where to start, they offer many resources to help you along the way like their with their Kitchen Remodeling Guide and more.

She added all the special cabinets, shelves, and touches we wanted and more. Below are just a few pictures of the packet that we received of our new kitchen layout. There are pages for each set of cabinets so that we can see exactly how every cabinet lines up and looks from every angle. This was extremely helpful in getting a full picture of our new kitchen.

CliqStudios Kitchen Layout
CliqStudios Kitchen Layout

CliqStudios Kitchen Layout

Getting the quote on our kitchen cabinetry

You can get an estimate of what you kitchen will cost based on the cabinets you like and your kitchen’s linear footage right on the CliqStudios website. This is extremely helpful to compare the kitchen cabinet styles. Tessa sent over an itemized quote with prices on every single cabinet. We were thrilled with the quote, it was already less expensive than the big box store that we visited. Plus, the cabinet features and style blew the other cabinets out of the water! We knew we were getting an excellent deal.

However, it was still a little higher than we had budgeted. We explained to Tessa that we would like her advice on how to get the quote down in price. By removing the extra fancy legs around the bookcase, and a few other small things, we were able to drop the price by more than $1,000! These are things we won’t even miss.

Tessa also explained that if we chose another cabinet selection, like the Rockford that was on our list, we could save between $800 – $1800. Apparently we have good taste and selected the most expensive. We really liked the Fairmont and with the changes Tessa recommended, we were able to bring the price down to our budget.

Ordering our kitchen cabinets online

If you would have asked me if I would buy kitchen cabinets online last month, I would have said no. I would have said no because I didn’t know how easy it would be, how much money I would save, and how quick! CliqStudios has ordering kitchen cabinets down to a science. They make ordering cabinets easy, fast, and affordable. Plus, you can do it from the convenience of your own home, on your schedule. They offer high quality cabinets without the middleman, saving you lots of money! Their designers are top-notch and super friendly.

Ordering kitchen cabinets with CliqStudios was simple. We signed the kitchen layout and paid for it online. Our cabinets will arrive in 4 weeks!

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Here is a sneak peek at our final kitchen, read all of our CliqStudios Kitchen posts.

New Kitchen

picture of Kitchen with StrataStones River Pebble Tile Installed

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to CliqStudios with their ongoing relationship with AkronOhioMoms.com. For more information on CliqStudios, visit them at http://www.cliqstudios.com.

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