Would You Dare Zipline Over Alligators at Crocodile Crossing?!

Across seven acres on two challenging courses, you’ll see live alligators and crocodiles right under your toes, tropical birds at eye level, and red-ruffed lemurs nearly at arm’s length. More than 50 different obstacles will have you flying, climbing, and zooming through the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park!

Zipline Over Alligators at Crocodile Crossing

If you are looking for ziplining in St. Augustine and are a bit of a thrill-seeker, you are in for a treat at Crocodile Crossing! Not only do you have 2 challenging courses to choose from but you’ll be zipping over 7 acres of an alligator farm and other zoo animals!

We visited Crocodile Crossing a few years ago for the first time and went on their 45-minute course. It was a lot of fun ziplining over alligators!! I still can’t believe let our 12 and 15 year olds, let alone my husband and I zipline over alligators!  No worries, it’s totally safe and they provide plenty of one-on-one training beforehand. The staff will help you into your safety gear and train you how to zip line. Amazing as it sounds, ziplining over alligators is a great place to learn how to zipline. Although you’ll be ziplining over alligators and crocodiles (yikes!), the course is only 35 feet up – some courses are WAY higher than that which can be difficult for newbies.I love that they train you on how to use the gear and how to zipline and then give you the chance to test it out to be sure you 100% know what you are doing before you actually start by zipping on a low line.

My son and I had severe sunburns so we couldn’t zipline, sadly. However, since the ziplines go all throughout the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, I was able to follow along below while walking through the zoo!  That’s how I was able to capture the video above too, so it really worked out well.  Crocodile Crossing is a combination of both ziplines and obstacles. My husband and daughter chose the more challenging Nile Rive Course. This course has over 50 different obstacles will have you flying, climbing, and zooming through the zoo! This 90 minute course is the best way to zipline over alligators in Florida for sure!This zipline below goes directly over the crocodile enclosure! There is nothing like being up in the trees, especially in Florida! 

Although I missed out on the ziplining over alligators fun this time around, I was glad that they got to have some father-daughter bonding time. For me, vacations are all about family bonding, experiencing new things together and making memories. They were able to have this thrilling experience together and will never forget it.

We visited the alligator farm after they went ziplining, they said that they felt like they already saw the zoo from up high and they did. However, that only got them more excited to see all the animals from the more ‘normal’ perspective too.  They were able to be at eye level with many tropical birds that you’d never get the chance to see up close from ground level!   There were a few egret nests nearby and even I could hear them squawking from down below! My kids have always been outside adventure kids. We love ziplining in Ohio but there is something extra special about being in Florida with the gorgeous foliage plus the bragging rights of zipping over alligators that makes Crocodile Crossing in St. Augustine, Florida extra special! Also, being that it is in Florida, it is good to note there at many platforms, there are drinking fountains!Add Crocodile Crossing to your Florida Vacation Itinerary now and reserve your tickets.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park
999 Anastasia Blvd.
St. Augustine, FL 32080

Saint Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, 999, Anastasia Boulevard, Anastasia, Saint Augustine, Saint Johns County, Florida, 32080

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