Must-Have Travel Headphones with 95 Hours Playtime

Keeping entertained during a long trip is important. Whether you are flying or riding in a car for a long road trip, you are going to want a comfortable pair of headphones to listen to your tunes or watch videos – this goes for adults and kids alike (minus the driver!). The headphones have to be ultra comfortable to wear since you’ll be using them for long periods of time, they need to have a long battery life, and need to sound great. I’ve found an exceptional pair of travel headphones that does all of this and more!

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Must-Have Travel Headphones – Edifier Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

The Edifier Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (W830BT) are a must-have for travel this season. They boast 95 hours of battery life (1500 standby) which will take you through several days of travel on just one charge! They are very comfortable with extra soft earpads and soft synthetic leather cover, plus they are lightweight adding to the comfort.

The sound quality is amazing too with rich highs and lows. If you are watching a movie, you’ll find yourself lost in the movie because it sounds so good, like you are at home.

My daughter loves wearing these Edifier headphones and so do I. They feel amazingly comfortable for hours of listening entertainment, really, really comfortable.

For travel, the Edifier Wireless Headphones have additional features that you will love beyond the comfort and long battery life. When you need to charge the headphones, just plug the USB cord into any charger. You can also use these headphones corded, if you prefer.

These headphones come with a solid, cushioned case for safe storing and traveling. The earcups can lay flat or fold in to make it more compact for storing while traveling.   

The headband is a flexible steel band that holds up to even tough travel situations – we all know how much we stuff in our carry-on bags! The steel band is adjustable to fit any head size.

The headphones are also Bluetooth 4.1 & NFC which means they are easy to pair and can pair up to 2 devices, making it easy for people to share them or to use them with a couple devices without having to repair.

My daughter has basically claimed these headphones as her own although technically we are sharing. 😉  She has only had earbuds in the past and almost mocked the idea of wearing over-ear headphones until she tried these. She instantly fell in love with them. They are so much more comfortable and enjoyable to wear.

As a mom of a tween and teenager, I have to admit that it is so nice and quiet when they are using their headphones to watch youtube videos and listen to music while in the car. Of course we do have family time during travels when we like to chat and play car games but there is plenty of time when it is nice to have everyone entertained on those long car or airplane rides, right? I might actually be able to have a decent conversation with my husband even. Seriously though, I love these headphones for travel – the quality is excellent from the design, comfort, and sound quality to the ability to lie flat or fold for easy packing.

If you have any upcoming travel plans or need a good pair of over-ear bluetooth wireless headphones, check out these affordable Edifier Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (W830BT). Buy a pair on the Edifier website or on

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