Amazing Family Attractions in Las Vegas!

Countless movies, books and songs have painted Las Vegas as the city of sin. It’s often advertised as a holiday destination based on its supposedly wild and adult nature. But while this image may be useful for selling pre-packaged bachelor party holiday, it’s not entirely accurate.

A lot of people would say they would never take their children there. But a family-friendly trip to Las Vegas is actually possible, despite what you’ve heard! In fact, it’s an amazing holiday destination with loads of stuff for you and your children to do.

It’s also nowhere near as expensive as its glamorous image might suggest. Affordable five-star hotels are numerous in the city. Hotels make so much money from their gambling facilities, so their five-star rooms are usually pretty cheap! Hotwire deals can also get you flying there with plenty of cash left for leisure. So put aside those fantasies of a city filled with nothing but the devil’s gambling houses! Here are some hot tips on having a great time with your family in Las Vegas.

Hershey’s Chocolate World

Children love chocolate and candy-themed places like this. We’re willing to bet you do, too. So do I! I guess we all have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to thank for that one.

The sweet chocolate aroma will hit you long before you see Hershey’s Chocolate World. That’s how you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction. There’s an absolutely incredible variety of chocolate and candies. There’s a baked good section, a self-service M&M’s bar, and even foot-long Twizzlers!
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The store has two floors and is packed top to bottom with amazing displays. There’s a Statue of Liberty made entirely out of chocolate and an Empire State Building made entirely of Hershey bars! Just don’t get overexcited and try to eat them. The staff won’t be too happy about that.

Las Vegas Natural History Museum

Who says you can’t get a good education on the Strip? The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is crammed full of knowledge about the varying wildlife and cultures of our world.

There’s Egyptian mummies, 35-foot robot dinosaurs, prehistoric art and so much more. It’s a place bursting with life and knowledge. It’s brought to you by a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading wisdom throughout the world. Kids of all ages will find something fascinating here. We’re willing to bet most of them will go with the dinosaurs, though!


Adventuredome is one of the largest amusement parks in the United States. You may have known it as the Grand Slam Canyon in the nineties! It’s indoors, so no amount of bad weather can ruin the fun. Adventuredome spans a massive five acres and has a breathtaking amount of activities.
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There’s 25 thrill rides, in varying degrees of intensity. Some of the rides, like the world-famous El Loco and Canyon Blaster, might be too much for very young kids. But they won’t be excluded from the fun! There’s bumper cars, arcades, miniature golf and 4D theatres. The 4D theatres play children’s favorites like SpongeBob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. We have no doubt your kids have heard of them!

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