Visit the Mayflower II in Plymouth, MA

Our visit to Plymouth, MA was fascinating and fun for the whole family.  Touring the Mayflower II is a must for anyone visiting Cape Cod and Plymouth, MA. It is a full-scale reproduction of the Mayflower that sailed to Plymouth in 1620.

Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (2)We received admission to facilitate this review.

Mayflower II Review in Plymouth, MA

Every sense of the Mayflower has been recreated to look as it would have appeared from solid oak timbers, tarred hemp rigging to the wood to items like food, furniture, and tools that were stored on board as well.
Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (6)

Our immediate thoughts were that of “how could 102 passengers, plus crew, animals, and materials fit on such a small ship?!” At only 25 feet wide and 106 feet long, it is large but not for the comforts of so many people for 7-9 months! Below is probably the largest of the “rooms” on board for several crewmen.

Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (3)While visiting the Mayflower II, you’ll encounter many people playing the role of the crew, captain, and passengers that were on board the Mayflower. They are dressed in period clothing and speak with an accent as they tell their stories of their personal accounts of living aboard the Mayflower.  The more you interact with the role players, the more your family will enjoy and learn during your visit.  Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (10)We had a good time speaking with Master Christopher Jones.

This was a bed in the captain’s quarters.Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (1)It was interesting to hear the difference in perspectives of the trip from the crew and the passengers. The captain and crew considered it a job, took full responsibility of the ship and passengers with little regard to their comforts, etc. The passengers were just that, passengers awaiting to get to their new land.

The role players will answer most any question you have and carry on a conversation with you. It is good to brush up on your history before going so you can ask good questions and speak knowledgeably – you’ll get the best experience this way.

Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (7)We studied up on the pilgrims, Mayflower, and Plymouth, MA before our trip. We checked out several library books for our kids to read as well. One question that intrigued my son was about the Billington Boys who are known to get into mischief. Did they really try to blow up the Mayflower?! Boys will be boys – could you imagine your kids get held up in the bottom of a ship for 7-9 months?!

There were only a few places to see peeks of sunlight and get fresh air for the passengers down below. They weren’t free to go up on the top, only with an invitation from the captain. Food was sent down below through a hole and there was a ladder to get up to the top, not the staircase provided for guests. Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (8)There are also modern-day staff available to answer any questions you may have. There are a few items on and off the ship for kids and adults to interact with.

Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (5) Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (4)Below is a replica of the boat that was constructed from materials stored down below with the passengers during the trip. It is the boat that took the first pilgrims to Plymouth Rock.
Mayflower in Plymouth, MA (9)Just a few steps away from the Mayflower II is the actual Plymouth Rock, the landing place of the pilgrims in 1620. Plymouth Rock (3)

Plymouth Rock!Plymouth Rock (1)Below is a nearby statue of Squano, the English-speaking Indian that helped the pilgrims. He was their guide, interpreter and teacher on things like how to plant corn, gather fruit, and catch fish.  Plymouth Rock (2)

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Plimoth Plantation who provided us with tickets for review.

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