What you Eat on Vacation makes a Difference

My dear mother, for vacation meals while I was growing up, mixed together tuna fish from a tin can and slightly too warm mayonnaise pulled from a cooler – creating a fishy set of memories that I will never forget. It was hillbillyesque , I suppose, but it was effective.  After day 4 of tuna, the excitement of vacation was always …gone.

I have tried to do better with my family, however the cost of eating out can wear on a budget.  While eating out is a treat, it can’t fit well with a family’s schedule and dietary needs.

And… AND!! whether it be from highway rest stop tuna, or constantly dining out, one’s digestive track is thrown quite out of whack.

Cooking Yourself – with all the Right Tools

Cooking for your own family allows you to make proper food choices for those in your nest. For me, it’s proper carb counting for my type 1 diabetic children, and heavy leanings on salad and vegetables for all those of us who have to call ourselves adults now.

Extended Stay America is one of those hotels that gets things right.  Integrated into each hotel room is a fully equipped kitchen!  That means a stove, microwave, full-size refrigerator, utensils, plates, bowls and cooking tools (I know it sounds silly spelling that out here, but the list is important!)

One of the first things to do after you land yourselves into an Extended Stay America is get yourself to a grocery store!  Whether it’s a Publix if Florida, an Albertson’s in San Diego, or a Kroger in New Jersey, choose sandwich food, multi-use condiments, pasta meals, cheese, rice, ground beef, a variety of fruit and vegetable purchases and of course ice cream and snack foods.  This stock up makes your hotel room feel more like home – and not a place to escape from, but a place to relax and retreat to!

The Leftover Bonus!

When you do go out for dinner out, staying at an Extended Stay means you don’t have to say “We’re traveling, sorry, we can’t take it home” again!  This allows your family to stretch the eating out budget – allowing you to eat all of the food that you paid for.  The Extended Stay Leftover Bonus extends your food budget without even trying.

The Better Food Advantage

So, cooking for yourself in your hotel room allows you to eat on your own schedule, with better food at grocery store pricing.  Your health and your tummy will thank you- and your dining out budget will stretch.  Simply, this is a beautiful way to go.

The Extended Stay America  Difference

From San Diego to Virginia Beach, and from Orlando to Corpus Christi, 600 Extended Stay America locations are spread across the country in every major vacation and metropolitan area- including in our own backyard like Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.  Oh, and don’t forget they offer pet-friendly rooms, laundry services, grab and go breakfast options!



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