Making the Most of Your Travel with InterContinental Hotels & Timeshifter

How to avoid jet lag family timeshifter app

If your family is anything like ours, the lure of adventure is always calling, especially to the vast and varied landscapes out West. Whether it’s the majestic mountains, the serene deserts, or the bustling cities, there’s a whole world to explore beyond Ohio’s borders. And for those of you who’ve followed our journeys, you know we’ve got a soft spot for all the amazing places you can visit out there. We’ve covered quite a bit of ground, and you can find some of our top recommendations for family trips out West on our website.

Now, onto a topic that affects us all when we’re chasing those sunsets across time zones: jet lag. It hits like ton of bricks and so disappointing when all you want to do is explore and have fun but your body needs a nap! There is a way to fight that jet lag – without medication. I just learned of a new partnership with InterContinental Hotels & Resorts and the Timeshifter app that promises to make those transitions as smooth as the Pacific Coast Highway.

How to avoid jet lag family timeshifter app

Timeshifter is not your average travel hack. It’s a jet lag app grounded in the science of sleep and circadian rhythms. This app is not a one-size-fits all either. The app is customizable with your sleep habits, travel itinerary, and personal preferences to help you adjust to new time zones faster. Using this app could be the difference between spending more time enjoying your vacation and less time feeling like you’re walking through a fog.

How to avoid jet lag family timeshifter app

If you’re staying at an InterContinental (they’ve got locations everywhere including the West Coast and Cleveland), you get access to this game-changing app. It’s a win-win and something worth considering if you are planning a trip out West or further while planning that trip. The partnership between InterContinental and Timeshifter could be your secret weapon against jet lag and start of a more enjoyable vacation. Keep them in mind for your next long-distance trip for fewer yawns and more daylight fun!

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