Always a Fun Outing at the Akron Zoo

It is always a fun outing at the Akron Zoo. My family hasn’t been to many places since the pandemic started. I’ve been extra cautious, however, I do visit places that I feel are safer than others and for me, that’s the Akron Zoo.

#1 It is outside

#2 They have safety procedures in place to keep everyone socially distanced.

My family needed to get out and have some fun. Many of you are in same boat. It is a balance of staying safe and staying sane, right?! We enjoyed spending the afternoon together as a family and visiting our fun animal friends at the zoo.

What put my mind at ease right away is when I learned that we had to reserve our ticket ahead of time including arrival time.

(Members need to reserve their tickets too, but will still be free.) This extra measure ensures that the zoo won’t be overcrowded at any time, plus no standing in long lines to enter the zoo. This worked out really well, keeping everyone spaced out naturally and socially distanced. There are one-way paths too, to keep everyone moving without crossing paths.

The Akron Zoo really lives up to their tagline, “you’ve never been this close” and I love it! Where else can you really see how massive lion paws are?! The habitats are truly remarkable at the Akron Zoo, so natural looking for each animal’s natural environment. Yet, the animals seem to choose to hang out close to the windows and people!

We love all the animals but are memorized by the larger animals! Where else can you see a bear swim?

Not surprising, the new Wild Asia exhibit is delayed until opening in 2021 because of COVID in regards to labor and supply chain.  You can really see the progress being made though, it is going to be an amazing exhibit when it is done. I can’t wait to go back next summer!!!!  The Akron Zoo has really transformed over the past 15 years, it’s almost a brand new zoo. They have some really amazing leadership over there with creativity and a love for animals.  If you haven’t visited lately, you really need to check it out again. You’ll be surprised at how much it has and continues to improve. It’s the perfect zoo for families of all ages – not too big for little ones to walk (or grandparents) but not too small to lose interest for older kids – there is so much to see and do, even during the pandemic time. There are some things closed, just so you know – like the indoor exhibits, but there is plenty still to enjoy.

This trip to the Akron Zoo was exactly what my family needed – a little bit of fun and normalcy. I took my kids to the Akron Zoo when they were babies and continue as teens and they still love it.

There are still a few community days left too this season for free admission, check it out and reserve your free tickets now.

For everyone else, reserve your tickets now to get your family out and have some much-needed fun!

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