Escape to the Rainforest with Butterflies in Ohio

The rainforest is closer than you think! Or at least the experience of it!  A short trip to the Cleveland Botanical Garden is a family fun adventure where you can experience the tropics year-round with towering trees, lush vegetation, blooming shrubs and flowers, hanging vines, delicate bromeliads, and even butterflies!  My family has been visiting the Cleveland Botanical Garden since my teenage children were preschoolers.  It is a family-fun Ohio attraction that is worth the drive from anywhere in Ohio for a breathtaking rainforest experience. It truly is gorgeous with plantlife you can only see with a trip to Costa Rica or Cleveland, Ohio. We love visiting all seasons because there is always something new in bloom to marvel at!  In the cooler months, enjoying a balmy 80°  weather is just an extra bonus! In the summer, I daydream about what it would be like to have gardens as lush and beautiful.  Although the greenhouse is backed with vegetation, it’s manicured to perfection, allowing you to enjoy all the delicate blooms and details of each plant.

Butterfly Garden in Ohio

To everyone’s delight, the butterflies have returned to the Cleveland Botanical Garden! It’s one of the best butterfly gardens in Ohio where you can enjoy the beauty of over 600 butterflies as they flutter throughout the “Costa Rica” biome. The butterflies at Cleveland Botanical Garden are a photographer’s treat!  People of all ages and photography abilities can be found capturing the perfect picture throughout the gardens.If you are lucky enough, one of the beautiful butterflies at the botanical garden may land on your hand, hair, or clothes!  I recommend wearing brightly colored clothing to increase your chances! Just be sure little ones know not to touch their delicate wings or reach out to grab a butterfly on their own. Throughout the botanical garden, there are feeding stations where the butterflies can feast on fresh fruits. It’s a great spot to spy on multiple butterflies at once!The Cleveland Botanical Garden is not only a pleasure to enjoy visually, but there is plenty that you can learn about each labeled plant as well as about the life of a butterfly. Use the opportunity to learn and teach your children during your trip.

You can see the life unfold right before your eyes! Butterflies are released daily! I can’t say enough rainforest ambiance at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It is well-executed to give visual interest as well as a fun experience for adults, kids, and teens alike. Who doesn’t love a waterfall in Ohio?!Or flowering orchids with butterflies? Or a cave to walk through?

Top of the Rainforest View in Ohio

Once you explore the rainforest from below, climb or take the elevator to the rainforest cloud. As if the main level wasn’t gorgeous enough, the view from the canopy deck is stunning. Although not like the rainforest’s natural 100′ above emergent layer, it’s pretty high up! Even high above looking down at the lush rainforest, there are unexpected delights like seeing this tiny bird feeding on the delicate bromeliad nectar.

Cleveland Botanical Garden Playspace

Like I said, my family has visited the botanical garden since my kids were preschoolers and throughout all their growing-up years and into teen age years, they have loved the experience. Don’t feel like your kids are too young or too old to really enjoy a visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden – there is something for everyone including a garden playspace for the little ones.

There are many hands-on activities for kids to learn, explore, and get creative with at the playspace. You could honestly play hours in this space and not get bored!Even though my kids are teens now, we always visit to see what’s new and exciting.    They even have some active play areas where kids can climb and burn off some energy! 

Visit Cleveland Botanical Garden

If you are looking for a fun family day out, check out the Cleveland Botanical Garden. There is so much to see, experience, and explore for all ages. This is one of those places where it is a great idea to get membership, if you go just twice in a year, it pays for itself. Believe me, you’ll want to go back throughout the year to enjoy the beauty of the ever-changing  blooms and especially when the weather cools and you need to thaw out a little!

Holden Forests & Gardens community and receive unrivaled access to all that the Cleveland Botanical Garden and Holden Arboretum have to offer.

Become a Member

There is a new membership called Access that’s only $25 for families using SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, or EBT benefits too.

The Cleveland Botanical Garden is a family fun place that is also the perfect spot for some great selfies with your kids!

Happy travels!

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