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Do you love to be outdoors and an adrenaline rush? We do! Our family is all about thrill seeking. We recently went on a great adventure in Columbus. We went to Zipzone and hopped on a zip line!

ZipZoneI received tickets to facilitate this post.

What is a Zip Line?

A zip line is a thick cable that is tethered high up in the trees. Attached from tree to tree, with the use of a pulley system a rider can zip from one tree to the next. Thus the name Zip Line.  It works using gravity and the riders weight. At ZipZone  riders must be a minimum of  50 lbs. but can’t weigh more than 270 lbs. You will be weighed before the tour. (Discreetly: No one else will see your weight.) This is because of the amount of speed you can pick up not the weight limit for the cable. Lighter riders may need to tandem zip on the longer lines. Kelton at about 65lbs had no problems.

Time For Fun on The Canopy Tour

After all the safety items are taken care of you work your way up the steps to the 1st platform. There a guide show you how to safely zip and goes over the rules to zipping.  Then you cross a bridge to the 1st zip line. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. I haven’t been on a zip line since I was a teenager but I got out on that 1st line and bam! It was like I had done this forever. Kelton loved it just as much as we adults did. He asked to go back later that night. The ZipZone Tour lasts about 2 hours and has several zip lines and bridges. We had such a great time! Kelton said his favorite part was the final Zipline because of how fast he went. I was too busy looking at all the beautiful trees.

UPin the trees

Is Zip Lining at ZipZone Safe?

YES! ZipZone built their tour according to the leading standards for safety in the industry. And their guides are trained to meet or exceed those standards as well. The guides on our tour were wonderful. They went talked to us about everything while we were getting our harnesses on. They then went around and checked everyone to make sure everything was attached/tightened properly. For Kelton one guide got him all set up right away. You wear helmets for safety and they fit tightly. I knocked my head on the wire a few times while moving round, nothing that would have hurt me but the helmet made me feel more confident.  “ZipZone is a founding member of the Ohio Zip Line Association (OZLA), a group working together with the Ohio State Department of Agriculture, Amusement Ride Safety Division as state regulations are developed for zip lining.”- Zipzonetours.com


Safety 1st

Tour Options

You have two main options for ZipZone tours. The 1st is the Canopy Tour which is what we did. This tour lasts two hours and covers 20 acres of the property. ( Mon-Thurs: $65/person Fri-Sun: $70/person) If your lucky you will get a guide (Neil!!) with a sense of humor who will keep you laughing too.  If you don’t have 2 hours to zip around and get the greatest views of trees, plants and wildlife then you should check out the Zip Rush Tour. The Zip Rush Tour covers 2 bridges and 2 ziplines, with an option to Quick jump ( bungee type jump) or rappel down. Offered Friday -Monday $45/person.

on an adventure

My Tips For Visiting ZipZone

Wear pants! Short that are too short will become very uncomfortable in the harness. Keep in mind you are outdoors and even up in the trees you can get bit by bugs so bug spray is a plus, as well as sunscreen! Bring a few bucks to tip your guides if you really enjoy your tour, it’s not required but these guides love what they do and you will too. Don’t wear a hat, bring a hair tie if you have long hair. If you bring a camera make sure you can tether it to yourself.  Better yet rent a GO PRO ($25 and you keep the memory card) like we did and make a movie! HAVE FUN! Book your tour online here!

Columbus, OH 43235

ZipZone Canopy Tours
7925 N High St
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 847-9477

Visit ZipZone on



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