Two Thumbs Up to Hale Farm Harvest Festival

We went to the Hale Farm and Village Harvest Festival last weekend and had such a fabulous time, we spent over 5 hours there! It was an amazing family fun day. It was made more special because my kids had their grandparents with them too. This is the last weekend to go so I wanted to share with you pictures from our experience to encourage you to enjoy Fall fun this weekend with your family.

Our first stop is a new exhibit at Hale Farm where we learned all about how the first brooms were made.

cornThere was even a garden of broom corn planted to which the brooms are made from. My son LOVED this and could have talked forever about it. He’s even made his own broom at home because of it. The employees / characters at Hale Farm are always engaging with kids and adults. They enjoy educating and interacting with everyone and are so knowledgeable.

I received tickets to facilitate this series of posts.

Hale Farm Harvest Festival is this Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to allow enough time so that you aren’t rushed through the day, you’ll want to allow at least several hours. We were there for 5 and could have stayed longer at each of the exhibits/activities.

Next, we went to the glass blowing. We’ve never seen this at Hale Farm before either during any of our visits. It was a treat to learn from Sebastian how glass blowing was done years ago compared to now. He created a vase from scratch while we watched and admired his skill and craftsmanship. P1130657

He was pretty proud of himself too!P1130660

The next stop was my kids’ favorite – corn picking. Who knew that kids would love it so much! The guide showed them how to pick it and how to shuck it, then set them free. They picked and picked and picked – probably a full bushel between the two of them!

I like how relaxed Hale Farm is. There is basically no “rules” as to how many corn kids can pick or from what section. It is a very enjoyable experience – I just hope my kids left some for your kids to pick! Just Kidding – there is plenty!!P1130674 P1130666

Fall isn’t Fall without a corn maze!! Hale Farm has a nice corn maze with several dead-ends that will have you turned around a few times. It isn’t going to take 20 minutes to go through or anything but 10 minutes or so. It is the perfect size for families.P1130679

Our next stop was the general store where we learned about how items were bartered. We also were able to visit the house side of the store where the family who ran the business lived. This was another room we’ve never been in before. I like how Hale Farm makes each and every visit a new experience. My kids enjoyed buying candy sticks here too. Bring a few quarters.P1130683

Next stop was the Stow House where the front lawn had typical toys from that time period. My kids enjoyed them so much that we bought a few at the gift shop afterward. Tops are a hit, so are Jacob’s ladders and wooden riffles. P1130686

We tried out the stilts too!P1130736

Inside the kitchen of this home were plenty of fresh herbs from the herb garden. Wow, they smelled amazing and fresh!P1130687

Another room in the Stow House that I’ve never been in was the birthing or sick room. This is a small room off of the kitchen where women would give birth and stay for a while so they didn’t have to walk up and down the stairs. I’m so glad that I had the accommodations of Akron General! The rope frame bed with hay stuffed mattress could not have been comfortable!P1130691

As soon as you arrive at Hale Farm Harvest Festival, sign up for the hay ride. It fills up quickly and it a must to do. Buy a bag of fresh kettle popcorn to enjoy during the nearly 1/2 hour ride throughout Hale Farm. P1130698

We had lunch at the cafe – food is reasonably priced for what it is. About $2 for hot dog, $1 for drinks, $.50 for chips. Afterward, my kids were put to work in the field with tools they would have used not so many years ago!P1130709

We stopped by to say hi to the oxen – huge creatures!P1130716

Apple picking was a ton of fun too with this handy invention. Even young kids can pick apples!P1130719We chatted with the richest man in the village, Mr. Goldsmith and toured his beautiful home – including the upstairs which is rarely open.

P1130725Mr. Strickler kept everyone on their toes in the school house quizzing everyone on geography to math. He’s such a character and so fun for both adults and kids to engage with.

A visit to Hale Farm wouldn’t be complete without chatting with Johnny Appleseed. It was perfect timing since both my kids are learning about him in school this Fall.P1130735

Hale Farm & Village
2686 Oak Hill Road
PO Box 296
Bath, Ohio 44210

2686 Oak Hill Rd Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Bath, OH 44264

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Saturday, October 19
Sunday, October 20

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Hale Farm who provided the products for review.

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