Rekindle the Spark at The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the rat race of work, soccer practice, and slumber parties.  What’s left when all the practices, and school plays and concerts are over, and your kids go to college?  Your mate is. We are all so very eager to do the best for our kids, that we often forget to tend to the relationship that is just as important; the one with your significant other.

The Inn and Spa at Cedar FallsI received accommodations to facilitate this post.

Rekindle the Spark at The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls

I’ve found just the place to nurture that relationship without distractions: The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls.   I can count on one hand the times my husband and I have left the kids with Grandpa or Grandma to take some time for ourselves.   This trip tops the list.

 The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls Accommodations

We stayed in a cottage (Yarrow), and could not have been more pleased.  When we walked in, we were impressed by all the cottage had to offer.  It was immaculate, and there was a lovely, super deep, two person whirlpool  tub that immediately called my name.  The fuzzy robes were a nice surprise as well.

The Inn and Spa at Cedar FallsThe first thing my husband noticed was that there was no TV….  and do you know what that meant?  We spent time talking about everything.  Things that we talked about a million times before, things totally new, and plans for the future.  Our spark has never died in the last 22 years, but it’s always nice to fan the flames of the love between you and your mate with a couple of nights together, away from the beautiful and well loved distractions of your kids and home life. It’s good to remind yourself why you chose your significant other.  After a few minutes passed in the cabin, the TV was no longer a concern.hockinghills.018The indoor, very deep whirlpool tub for two was just the place to unwind after a long drive.   With premium bath products, it was so very relaxing.  There’s even a heated towel bar to keep your super fluffy towels toasty.    The fireplace is a great touch for your winter visit, and there’s a wonderful shower with built in seats, and a lovely large rain type shower head.  The cottage even included a mini fridge and a microwave.  Very handy for satisfying your in between meal cravings.

CedarFalls-Cottage-Yarrow-03Now, let me tell you about the bed.  The linens have high thread count, making them super smooth, and comforting.  The mattress was just right for a peaceful night’s sleep.  The pillows are plentiful, super fluffy, and the whole combination made for some of the best, most restful sleep we’ve had in a long while.

hockinghills.102We were even able to bring our dog, Bailey!  There are several units that are pet friendly, and Bailey had just a good of a time as we did.  The back porch was completely fenced in, making it the perfect place to hang out together with our pooch and enjoy our time together without any stress.  It’d also be a great asset to couples with young kids.  Kids are welcome at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls, but I think  it’s the perfect place to relax alone with your mate and enjoy the time together in the beauty of Hocking Hills, if you can manage it.

 The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls Dining

At the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls, breakfast is a masterpiece and complementary each morning for guests.  It is nothing like the run of the mill continental hotel breakfasts. Chef Anthony Schulz, knows his stuff.   I loved how upon entering the dining room, you are walked through the kitchen.   Seeing the spotless kitchen, and Chef Anthony hard at work, gives a great deal of reassurance about the meal to come.

You are invited to enjoy a yogurt, granola, and fruit bar upon entering.  Don’t pass it up!  The granola is house made and delicious.

The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls BreakfastThen you’ll make your selections from things like buttermilk pancakes with a pitcher of real maple syrup, fresh made steel cut oatmeal, eggs how you like, sausage, and the BACON.  You cannot miss the applewood smoked bacon.  I know my bacon, and it’s seriously, seriously delicious.

Photo by: Jumping Rocks Photography
Photo by: Jumping Rocks Photography

One of the marks of a good chef, and one skill that is tested in entering a new kitchen, is the ability to cook eggs.  I ordered mine over easy, and they were PERFECT.  No brown coloration, perfect yolk consistency.

Lunch and dinner are also available each day.  The menus feature local products when possible.  With each meal, the presentation was clean, simple, and elegant.  The staff was very professional, and completely accommodating.

Photo by: Jumping Rocks PhotographyThe Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls: Spa and Event Services

The spa services at The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls are also top notch, and quite reasonable.  There are packages that include spa services along with the lodging, and there are several packages that include a variety of services all together. Here’s the spa service menu to give you an idea of what’s available.  There are even specialty treatments like Reiki, and reflexology available by appointment.

The Inn and Spa at Cedar FallsDo you have a daughter that loves pampering?  There are mother-daughter weekends that sound delightful.   Just like it’s a good idea to nurture your relationship with your spouse with alone time together, it’s a brilliant idea to get that same one on one time with your children.  You’ll be making memories that neither of you will ever forget.

The Inn often hosts weddings, company events, family reunions, and other large gatherings.   The staff at The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls are second to none.  Everyone we encountered was helpful, focused, and accommodating; I have no doubt that they could pull off any event gracefully.  The Inn is also very ecologically minded, which is very rare in the hospitality industry.hockinghills.119We really had such a lovey couple of days and nights at the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls, and we are eagerly awaiting our next visit there.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to reconnect with your mate regularly, and a place like this is the perfect place to do that.   There are even specials, and great offers like 15% off return visits.  I certainly plan to take advantage of that benefit by returning within one year, but I hope to return much sooner.    Make your reservation, and rekindle the spark.

The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls
21190 State Route 374
Logan, Ohio 43138

(740) 385-7489 or 1-800-653-2557

Logan, OH 43138

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