Top 10 Must-See Romantic Inns and Weekend Getaways in Ohio

Romantic Inns and Weekend Getaways in Ohio

Sometimes, the little cubicle getaway rooms next to Grandpa’s Cheese Barn outside of Ashland Ohio just don’t cut it as a romantic weekend getaway.  (You can see them right off of I-71).  I thought about writing an article about awesome hotels in Mexico, or exotic castle hotels around the world, but, dear reader, I settled on something we would all find much more accessible- Romantic Weekend Getaways in Ohio.

Inn & Spa at Cedar Falls – Romantic Inn in Hocking Hills, Ohio

Our dear founder Cindy has stayed at the Inn at Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills (read full review).  Its pleasant, quiet surroundings, coupled with its many secluded and individual cabins allows couples to focus on just each other.  The grounds are near many local attractions like, you guessed it, Cedar Falls, and Old Man’s Cave.  The Inn at Cedar Falls provides a romantic getaway a couple few hours from Akron, OH, just South East of Columbus.

Cedar Falls Inn and Spa
Cedar Falls a view inside one of their cottages


What kind of couple is this romantic weekend getaway in Ohio good for: The always on the go couple who just needs to disconnect from the world.

Shaw’s Restaurant and Inn – a Small Town Downtown Getaway

Located in downtown Lancaster, Ohio, a few hours from Akron Shaw’s Restaurant and Inn, this place focuses on the food and atmosphere!  Located on a charming tree filled square, the restaurant, Corky’s bar, and downtown smalltown atmosphere gives you plenty to take in and talk about.    Hide away in their wonderful guestrooms at night!  Shaws Inn on the web.

What kind of couple is this good for: The couple that lives their lives so close together that they have nothing to talk about but life, work and family most days- Fill your minds and bellies with something new- and talk about it all night!

Ohio Romantic Inn in Lancaster, Ohio
Shaw’s Restaurant and Inn

Glenlaurel- A Scottish Country Inn, an Ohio Romantic Bed and Breakfast

This adult only bed and breakfast has been labeled the “premier romantic getaway in the Midwest.”   Sounds good- haven’t been there yet myself- but would like to go! Glenlaurel is located in the Hocking Hills just like the other two above, the décor looks lovely, the dining room amazing, and the old world charm I hope pops more than I can tell from reading their website!

What kind of couple is this good for: Folks who think the grass is greener in the British Isles, or for the couple who has tried the rest and wants something different!

Glenlaurel Scottish Country Inn Exterior
Glenlaurel Scottish Country Inn- Romantic Ohio Getaway

The Inn at Dresden- A Romantic Weekend / Social Getaway in Ohio

When I started this post, I thought it would be tough to find differences between luxury Inns throughout Ohio.  But it turns out, each really does have its own charm.  The Inn at Dresden, for example is a sprawling place with decks, hideaways, jacuzzi, and more.  Built by the Longaberger Basket (can I say tycoon? lol) The Inn at Dresden seems to be a more SOCIAL place- a place to chat with the Inn keeper, meet with friends and other guests, and enjoy a social outing.

What kind of couple is the Inn at Dresden good for? A chatty couple who lives in the woods who needs to get out and socialize on the weekend!!

The Inn at Dresden- Exterior
The Inn at Dresden- a Social Romantic Getaway

Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast at Atwood Lake, Ohio

With only nine spacious guest rooms appointed with top notch antique furnishings and high levels of detail, and combined with a beautiful spot on the sprawling Atwood Lake- I have to say that Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast looks like one of the romantic weekend getaways in Ohio most pleasing to the eye.  All of the headboards in the rooms look darling, and extremely romantic.  I can’t wait to visit this place- and being at Atwood Lake, it’s a little closer than the also beautiful Hocking Hills locations.

What kind of couple is Whispering Pines good for: Those that appreciate visual splendor!

Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast Exterior
Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast on Romantic Atwood Lake

The Inn at Honey Run – An Amish Country Bed and Breakfast in Ohio

Our lead blogger Cindy stayed at the Inn at Honey Run last year.  Read her full review here.  Located in the middle of Amish Country outside of Millersburg, Ohio- get easy access to all that is Amish (except Sundays) in Millersburg, but retreat to this luxurious location in the woods at the end of the day.  One thing that the Inn at Honey Run focuses on is maintaining and finding a way to bring birds of every feather together at this location.  Binoculars are easy to get a hold of, and the staff feeds the birds in countless locations daily.

What kind of couple will enjoy the Inn at Honey Run? – Amish Country visitors, Bird Watchers, those that like to be spoiled.

The Inn at Honey Run- Entrance Walkway
Romantic Nature Centric Inn in Millersburg, Ohio

Glidden House – Cleveland Ohio Romantic Boutique Hotel

Lets head into the city, shall we?  The Glidden House is a mansion built in 1910 sitting on the Case Western Reserve Campus near University Circle in Cleveland, Ohio.    I’ve come across this place again and again, and there is something about it that is just alluring.  Maybe it’s the fancy museums within walking distance, maybe it’s the college nearby, maybe its just because all of the pictures exude opulence.

The Glidden House hotel is for couples who want a night out on the town, and a follow up day in the art museum.

Glidden House- Romantic Hotel in Cleveland
Glidden House- Romantic Hotel in Cleveland

The Castle Inn Bed and Breakfast – near Columbus, Ohio

The Castle Inn, in Circleville Ohio greats its visitors with the opulence of a great stone edifice- wide stair cases, and plenty of romance options.  Their romance options are significantly heavier than those of other inns- with a dozen lit candles in your room upon arrival, rose petals on the bed, flowers, roses, massages and more!  If you focus on the romance- you have me there!

Who is this good for: Couples focusing on each other- in the room.

Romantic Castle Inn
The Romantic Castle Inn in Circleville, OH

Gervasi Vineyards- North Canton, Ohio

Honestly, this Romantic Getaway in Ohio is in our backyard, and I only think I remember my father in law talking about it.  What a find!  The Gervasi Vineyards-and Inn, is a memorable destination for local wine lovers, Italian Food lovers, and local hot spot aficionados.  They tout that Gervasi is a place where beauty, tradition, comfort and appreciation for wine, luxurious quarters and fresh food connect. The onsite winery is a day trip in and of itself! Read our full review here.

What couple should spend the night at Gevasi Vineyards: Those that don’t mind overdoing it!

Romantic Vineyard, Exterior
Romantic Gervasi Vineyards, Complete with Inn and upscale Italian Restaurant

Water’s Edge Retreat – a Romantic Weekend Getaway on Kelley’s Island, Ohio

A Bed and Breakfast is usually only as friendly as the proprietors.  Water’s Edge Retreat focuses on the relationship between food, the owners, and you the guests.  And better, you , the repeat guest(they offer discounts for repeat stays).  With culinary skills refined across Europe and the Caribbean, the Inn boasts elaborate breakfast feasts.  What’s best, is this place is on the island!  Can’t beat the views.

What kind of couple is this for: the most “stressed out executive” or “frazzled parent” , or the couple who wants to experience the food! Yum!

Kelley's Island Bed and Breakfast
Kelley’s Island Bed and Breakfast

Romantic Tree Houses in Ohio

Nothing say romance like quality time alone with your partner. Add the charm of an unexpected location high in the trees and you have the recipe for success. There are several romantic tree house getaways in Ohio on the Glamping Hub website. They have many extreme and unique outdoor accommodations across the country but we love these cozy tree houses.

These cozy tree houses are located Glenmont, Ohio (near Mansfield, Ohio and 15 minutes from Mohican). The accommodations are luxurious – no roughing it here!- with gorgeous views of the forest from the windows and wrap around decks.  Book your stay all seasons on the online now for the above and below location.

Retreat with your partner to this luxury romantic tree house that boasts a 30 foot suspension bridge, 5 foot stained glass window and all the privacy you need to reconnect with your loved one.

Book your romantic getaway today for an unforgettable retreat in the trees.


What did we miss?  Please post your favorite romantic getaway in Ohio in comments below.

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