Authentic Amish Experience at Yoder’s Amish Home

Visit Yoder’s Amish Home to get an authentic Amish Country experience. Yoder’s Amish Home in Millersburg, Ohio is an authentic 116-acre Amish farm offering visitors a unique look at the life of the Amish including their history, faith, and customs.amish-life

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Yoder’s Amish Home

Experience authentic Amish life and times at the Yoder’s Amish Home in Millersburg, Ohio.amish-yard

The one thing that I always have to do while visiting Amish Country is take a buggy ride! It is such a mystery how the Amish live and the biggest aspect is transport ion by horse and buggy. It fascinates me every time we drive to Amish Country to see the horse and buggies – and various types on the roads.

At Yoder’s Amish Home, we were able to take a 3/4 mile trip on the grounds by horse and buggy. Authentic Amish men are happy to answer any question you may have as he ‘drives’ the around the hay field. This was the longest buggy ride we’ve been on and well worth the few dollars!  horse-buggy

My kids loved touring the Amish Barn – who knew there were so many animals on an Amish farm?!  The barn dates back to 1885 but filled with new life year-round! yoder-animalsWe were able to visit and pet baby bunnies, lambs, puppies, colts, and goats. It was so much fun! kid-goats-yoderWe were also able to check out the strongest horses I’ve ever seen!   tall-horse

Another curiosity is how the Amish are taught at school. Straight out of the past, the Amish are taught in a one-room school building similar to the one you can tour at Yoder’s Amish Home.

There is an actual Amish school teacher there to talk to you about how they teach kids of all ages in one room! We were able to check out actual textbooks that are bundled by grade, just as they would be at a real Amish school. You’ll also learn how it can all be done without electricity and fancy computers.

We took a guided tour of the home and grounds, which was a leisure 30-45 minutes. Yoder-Gardens

Our guide explained everything! I am always impressed by the gardens in Amish Country. They do everything by hand, so how do they time to grow beautiful flower gardens and vegetable gardens? The above garden is just steps from the back of the house- and dinner bell – making it convenient to pick fresh vegetables and herbs for dinner.

During the tour, my kids learned about how it would be to be an Amish child, including the toys they play with and why their baby dolls don’t have faces.amish-clothing

We learned how the homes were built, what took place in each room (church in living room), how kids were placed in bedrooms (eldest got their own room as they became teens), where they cook and relax, and more.   AMish-Home-tour

This is an image of a typical kitchen and dining room from years ago. Today, the Amish have more modern homes, but still rely on traditional means to cooking – i.e. no electricity!amish-houseYoder’s Amish Home
6050 SR 515
Millersburg, OH  44654
Tel:  330-893-2541

6050 OH-515, Millersburg, OH 44654

Yoder’s Amish Home is open late April through late October. Make plans to visit in-season.

Stay in Amish Country

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