Targeted Stand Out Gift Guides

Our Christmas Gift Guides are each single page guides that are search engine optimized according to the targeted gift recipient. Each included gift idea gets it’s own text section, link, and square image for clear and easy mobile and stacked desktop scrolling.

This is not your typical hodge-podge gift guide and created for actual value to our partners.

2022 Tween Girls Christmas Gift Guide

This Gift Guide focuses on gifts for tween girls that love STEM learning, organization, fashion, and memory making with friends!

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2022 Adventure Teen Boys Christmas Gift Guide

This Gift Guide focuses on gifts for young teen boys that love the outdoors, self invention, animals (geckos & frogs), fish, entrepreneurship and flora and fauna related items.

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2022 Active Young Gradeschoolers Christmas Gift Guide

This Gift Guide is made to encourage STEM, active indoor and outdoor play, crafts, fashion, and construction/ unique building toys.

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2022 Toddler & Preschooler Christmas Gift Guide

Practical yet meaningful gifts to educate and entertain the busiest of children – toddlers & preschoolers!

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2022 Adult Christmas Gift Guide

This Gift Guide will help us shop for the hardest to shop for – adults in our lives! Find unique items for spouses, friends, siblings, parents, in-laws, out-laws, and grandparents!

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