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Many mom bloggers start writing as a way to share the lives of young children with far off loved ones. I was no different.  AOM wasn’t in focus when I first uploaded photos for my grandma to see.

I had experience in writing great articles for and I had my marketing degree.  Where would it go? came into focus.

Turns out the demand for content has boomed, and being a blogger with a real face and name with a passion for writing can simply take you anywhere you want to go.

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The Audience We Adore

The Akron Ohio website creates shareable content to our local and national readers through informative local investigation for families, well crafted, SEO-optimized original and lengthy product and service reviews.

AkronOhioMoms does NOT take the route of many other mom bloggers- we’re not overly invested in the mom blogging community and therefore mom bloggers are NOT the basis for most of our site visits.

We focus on bringing our diverse messages and lives to an ever growing crowd of real moms, with a contributing community based here in Ohio, and a pile of others who are continually inspired by our home remodeling posts and so much more. A second but maybe even more important focus is of course through writing search engine optimized posts that track well with Big Brother Google.

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Our writers at AkronOhioMoms are required to be positive, sometimes vulnerable, but never crass or rude.

We strive, simply, to be normal. 

The average mid-American family.  This allows others to connect with us and understand where we are coming from.  No more, no less.

This voice, coupled with our consistent and thorough writing style helps customers make decisions about a mattress they are researching, events they are considering attending, or where to host their child’s next birthday party.

These opportunities to converse with our audience- we offer to our sponsors and partners!

Meet the Family that makes it happen

It takes all of us

Sounds cheesy? Yes it does. Do I bribe my children to take photos? Sometimes. Do I make my husband Matt (married 1998) get up from his Web Design and Strategic Graphic Recording work and take my picture outside in the woods for a shoe review? Way too often. For my family (and for the families of my other volunteer bloggers) AOM is a team effort!

Senior pictures on the beach St. Augustine
My Son Elijah

My adventurous son is 19 in 2024, and a passionate young man. He is an exercise science major and cheerleader at Ohio University. He is an entrepreneur from an earlier age with experience breeding geckos and propagating and selling both to businesses since he was 11. He’s an outdoors-man with bushcraft, orienteering, and naturalist abilities like I’ve never seen. He is always up for an  outdoor adventures but also skilled with a drawing pen to create inspiring art.

Elijah has impressive social media accounts because of his witty content and gorgeous photography.  He loves God and sharing his faith. He loves to learn about the world – both the physical and now, that of how businesses and the economy works. I learn more about the latest trends in investing, nutrition, body building, world news and politics from him than any other.

Best St Augustine Photographer Beach Photos Sydney Roessling Photography Review
My Daughter Elizabeth

Elizabeth just turned 17 and going into her senior year of high school.  She is my sweet, sweet girl with a heart of gold and quick with a kind word to everyone. She loves Jesus, attending youth group, and sharing with others. She is compassionate and enjoys helping others from working in the youth group cafe to packing up food for kids in need.

She absolutely loves school (and excels academically!).  Math and science come naturally for her, as well as working hard to achieve excellence.

She is a talented bake-from-scratch baker. She started selling made-from-scratch bakery items through Young Entrepreneur Market when she was 12 and hasn’t stopped. She and a friend started their own local sweets bakery and create custom desserts for up to 125 people.

She loves singing and listening to music, “The Chosen”, cooking, baking, being with friends, bubble tea, memes, and sharing on Instagram. 

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Dreaded Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)

It tuns out, both of my children are affected with Type 1 Diabetes (this is juvenile diabetes). Both were diagnosed around the age of 9.
What is T1D?In one afflicted with the disease, pancreases do not produce insulin, so they are insulin dependent.

Both children need care and monitoring of their blood sugar to keep them healthy 24/7. And since you are wondering – the only things they can’t eat are poison, and cookies with poison.

We have insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, a positive attitude, and all the accoutrements that go with this less than fabulous condition. We blog about living with T1D to be an encouragement to others whether it is sharing a low carb recipe we enjoy or equipment that makes our lives better.

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Never at a loss of what to write about

In the play Our Town by Thorton Wilder, there is a scene where a young engaged man was worried about what he would talk about with his wife.I must say, dear reader, that is NOT our problem.We have plenty to discuss!


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