Many mom bloggers start writing as a way to share the lives of young children with far off loved ones. I was no different.  AOM wasn’t in focus when I first uploaded photos for my grandma to see.   I had experience in writing for, and learned what it takes to write a great article on the web.  I had my marketing degree.  Where would it go? came into focus.

Turns out the demand for content has boomed, and being a blogger with a real face and name with a passion for writing can simply take you anywhere you want to go.  Our focus has been tuned:

What we do for our readers: The Akron Ohio website creates shareable content to our local and national readers through informative local investigation for families, well crafted, SEO-optimized original and lengthy product and service reviews.

How we’re different.  AkronOhioMoms does NOT take the route of many other mom bloggers- we’re not overly invested in the mom blogging community and therefore mom bloggers are NOT the basis for most of our site visits. We focus on bringing our diverse messages and lives to an ever growing crowd of real moms, with a contributing community based here in Ohio, and a pile of others who are continually inspired by our home remodeling posts and so much more.  A second but maybe even more important focus is of course through writing search engine optimized posts that track well with Google.

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Our writers at AkronOhioMoms are required to be positive, sometimes vulnerable, but never crass or rude.  This does take us out of a league of ‘real’ mom bloggers like ‘ mom who drinks too much’, or ‘mom of 2 who will beat you unless you eat your peas’, but our focus is to be, normal with a normal face and a positive attitude.

This voice, coupled with our verbose writing style helps customers make decisions about products they are researching, events they are considering attending, or what pool to visit this summer.

Who is Cindy

Hello! This is my blog.  My blog, in addition to off-site content marketing for other companies, is my job.  My son is 11 in 2016, and my daughter is 9 in 2016.  I married my husband Matt in 1998, he is a web designer and a commercial mural artist. We live in a wooded area in the center of the Northeast Ohio Cleveland-Akron Corridor.

Who are the other “AkronOhioMoms”?

I have a few other writers that have written or write as AkronOhioMoms.  This is great in a few ways: 1- More articles get written!  2- More local events get visited!  3-  Diverse writing styles, 4-additional Google+ Authors, 5- Children of Various Ages to review mom related products, 6- a Continually Growing local base through friends of friends of friends.

  • Kristen is a mom of 8 year old girl and 15 year old boy
  • Katrina is a mom of 9 year old and 11 year old girls
  • Megan is a new mom of a 1 year oldand current mom of 5 year old and 7 year old girls
  • Patricia is a new mom to a 1 year old girl and mom of a 5 year old and 9 year old boys
  • Beth is mom to 9 and 15 year old girls
  • Emily is mom to a mix of 2 year old, 4 year old, and 6 year old
  • Kim is mom to a 5 year old
  • Susan has a pile of older kids
  • Toni is mom to a 3 year old and has worked in Journalism for over a decade.


Meet my Kids

Elijah is my pride- my 12 year old son.  He will be in middle school for the 2016-2017 school year. Elijah LOVES the exploring the outdoors, camo, archery, science, stop motion animation, and swimming.  He is proud of his scientific knowledge of animals and loves to make his parents proud.  He loves to learn about the world and is always surprised when his knowledge surpasses those of some adults around him!

Elijah was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes two years ago at the age of 9. He has matured incredibly as he learned what diabetes is and how to be his own advocate while at school.  He manages his blood sugar levels, counts carbs, and even changes his own sites for his insulin pump. We pray for a cure!

Elizabeth is my 10 year old daughter is my sweet, sweet girl – she is ALL GIRL.  She absolutely loves school and making friends is her favorite thing to do. She loves gymnastics, swimming, cooking, being with friends, coloring, and educational workbooks. She is into reading, exploring the woods, and loves playing make-believe! Elizabeth loves to create structure in her playtime and often lines up her toys in long long parades.

Elizabeth was diagnosed at the age of 8 with Type 1 Diabetes (no, it doesn’t run in the family!). She has adjusted very well to this life-long disease and takes control by testing her own blood sugar levels, counting carbs, cooking, and educating others on what Type 1 Diabetes is.

We love to teach our children our entrepreneurial and creative spirit! They love their role in reviews!


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