3-D Motokits: Gifts that Keep Kids Hands Busy

I’m always searching for toys that can be used by both my 10 year old and soon to be 5 year old. They both love to build things or create things. I love it when I find great gifts that keep my little guys busy but that are even fun for us adults! With 3-D Motokits By Super Impulse, I think they will both be very excited at Christmas!

motor kits

What are 3-D Motokits?

3-D Motokits are these awesome buildable wind-ups! Remember all the wind-up toys from our childhood, now they are a lot cooler and you can build them! You simply punch out the pieces and build them around the wind-up motor. It’s Easy enough for younger kids to do with a little help and Kelton won’t have any problem building them. I love that it’s something they can create, keep and play with!


Lots Of Options

I love that that 3-D Motokits has 4 lines with lots of fun options to fit the child (or adult) you are gifting it too. Doug would love to get the Fork Lift since it relates to his job! I love that these kits are great for boys or girls. The recommended age is 6+ but, I think with a little help 4-5-year-olds would love building these too. Kiernan is going to love the Dinosaur we got! There are 16 kits to choose from. Super Impulse Toys like these can be found at speciality retailers.  3-D Motorkits will make a perfect  stocking stuffer or gift! Plus they are very affordable!



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