Easy No-Mess Craft Activity with Beados

My daughter loves crafts but I hate the mess. Plus, I’m not crafty by nature so I find it difficult to come up with a craft on my own. We were just introduced to Beados, a no-mess craft activity that allows kids to make adorable designs with just beads and a spray of water! We were able to have a Beados Crafternoon party and invited 10 kids and their moms to see just how Beados became an international sensation in more than 70 countries worldwide!

Beados Party

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Our Beados Crafternoon

Only a couple of the girls had ever heard of Beados, so we all jumped in to learn how to create the designs. Beados come in fun theme and activity packs with fun designs like puppies, zoo animals, princess, ballet, mermaid, fairies, ice cream treats, and more. Each girl selected a design template to start.P1250259

Once they selected a template, they put it under the clear play pad with small holes in which the Beados go into.

There are a couple devices to choose from to put the Beados on the play pads: tweezers or a pod pen. The kids took turns using both, they all had their favorites.

The pod pen is great when using a bunch of the same color of Beados because you can add as many Beados as you want to the bubble top of the pen via the funnel and drop them into the play pad one by one. The tweezers are good for designs with a lot of different colors.Beados

Beados are for kids ages 4 and up, we had kids ages 4 through pre-teen at the party and everyone was able to create fun designs with Beados! A mom or two even tried their hand at it!

As a non-crafty mom, I really like how easy Beados are to create. Once your child creates the design, it is easy to seal the Beados together – no hot iron or messy glue involved! Simply spritz a few sprays of water on the Beados and let dry.  If you get the kit with the quick dry design station then your creation will be dry in about 10 minutes. Otherwise, allow to air-dry for several hours or overnight. I recommend the quick dry station as kids are eager to display their design and it is too hard to wait!Beados Craft

Besides being a lot of fun for your kids, Beados is a great craft activity that helps develop fine motor skills. I couldn’t believe how well the 4 year old and 5 year old did with this project – or how it appealed to such a vast age difference from 4 – 12!

We had a fantastic Beados Crafternoon, everyone went home with at least 2 designs and some went home with 5! Once the designs are done, you can hang them with the included mini-suction cups to a mirror or window or display them with the mini-display stands. You can also make an entire Beados world with the connectable play pads and scene cards included in the various activity packs.

There is no limit to creativity or fun with Beados!

Beados are fun for kids of all ages and would make a fun birthday party or craft party any time of year.

Beados are available at mass retailers nationwide and on Amazon.com.


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