Bear on the Square in Hudson Review

Since its opening in 2004, Bear on the Square has been known for its ever-popular “Build-a-Buddy” program. A recent remodel has allowed the store to expand its product lines and increase their focus on interactive toys and activities for boys and girls of all ages.

When I stopped by to pick up the items that owner Tricia Gladish asked me to review, my two girls were with me. As soon as we opened the Bear on the Square’s front door, they were off and exploring every nook and cranny of the store. Products ranging from American Girl sized doll clothes and accessories, to their build-a-buddy section, to the Kid Concoctions work stations (kids can scoop and decorate ice cream soap, make layered lotions, create bubble bath full of creepy crawlies, formulate their own lip gloss, and concoct glop) all invite children to enter the world of creative play.

The Candy Buddy from Bear on the Square Review

These soft, furry guys are by far the most creative stuffed animals I’ve seen in a while. Each stuffy, as my girls call them, comes seated on a bed of soft fluff that will one day become their stuffing. The Candy Buddies come in a variety of colors and types of animals, so finding the perfect Easter basket buddy for a boy or a girl is a cinch!

picture of The Candy Buddy All Packed Up and Ready to Go!
The Candy Buddy All Packed Up and Ready to Go!

What makes the Candy Buddy unique is that it stores a bellyful of sweets for your favorite kid. When you purchase your Candy Buddy, you have the option to fill one of Bear on the Square’s buckets with your own custom blend of candies–and it’s included in the $12.99 price.

picture of Stuffing Bear on the Square Bear with sweets>
Stuffing Bear on the Square Bear with sweets

Both of my girls really enjoyed stuffing and restuffing the cute Candy Buddy. And because it’s back reseals with both a zipper and velcro, I wasn’t worried about stuffing sneaking out after the fact. I imagine kids could even use these stuffed animals to hold some of their prized possessions or special mementos.

picture of Lila Giving the Candy Buddy New Life as a Stuffy
Lila Giving the Candy Buddy New Life as a Stuffy

The Candy Buddy is a unique and affordable gift for kids of all ages. It is the perfect addition to your child’s Easter Basket, birthday gift, kid’s birthday party gift, or special treat year round. The Candy Buddy is two gifts in one. At just $12.99 each, it is a unique gift your kids will treasure and you can afford.

Create Your Own Amazing Ooze Set from Bear on the Square Review

The Create Your Own Amazing Ooze set is amazing. It is hard to believe that this simple formula can create something that truly acts like a solid and a liquid at the same time!  We really had fun playing with this crazy stuff–and by we, I mean myself included! Twice while we were mixing it, Lila said, “Mom, can I have a turn, please?” Oops! It just felt so cool…

Picture of Create Your Own Amazing Ooze is too much fun!
Create Your Own Amazing Ooze is too much fun!

The Create Your Own Amazing Ooze set so easy to create. Just measure the cornstarch-based powder, add some food coloring, some water, and dig in with your hands to mix–yep, that’s what I said, your hands!

Now it's an oozing liquid
  • brian says:

    if i won i would buy my boys the make a bear, they like panda bears most, the website says Error not found for most pages it is hard to find anything

  • Othoniel says:

    we’d use the gift card to buy some fun craft toys for our girls while visiting Hudson this summer.

  • fran says:

    This seems like such a fun store for kids. I’d go for the stuffed animals that you build yourself.

  • traci says:

    Love all the boy-themed parties–don’t find that many places. I’d let my kids do some of the kids concoctions activities.

  • Mark says:

    I think the interactive theme of the store is great. Too many kids just sitting playing video games these days. Who can say no to doll clothes for little girls–that would be our pick

  • Paul says:

    Sounds like a fun store. My son loves anything interactive, so I’d let him pick something out like that. The ooze looks pretty cool.

  • Tiffany says:

    Wow! I had no idea they had remodeled. I’d buy some boy toys for my son–maybe even the ooze

  • Amy says:

    I would have a hard time deciding but would prly go with the Candy Buddy and/or the goo. Both look great!

  • Beth says:

    Kolpin-Thanks so much for letting us know about the link—it’s now fixed. Appreciate the heads up. Good luck with the giveaway! 🙂

  • kolpin says:

    i’d choose something from their sweet treats section. too bad their website link was broken.

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

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