Blingles Add Bling to Anything

Add bling to anything

Blingles is a fun way to add bling to your life. Girls will love adding splashes of bling in cool designs on everything. You can add Blingles to cell phones, laptops, frames, notebooks, key-chains, mirrors, headphones, etc.

Blingles Accessory Pack Review

We were able to review the Blingles Accessory Pack. It came with 250 sparkling gems in a variety of colors as well as templates for cool designs and a trinket box, photo frame, and keyring to bling.  Blingles is for ages 6 and up. My nearly 6 year old daughter loves Blingles.

Blingles Add Bling to Anything
Blingles Add Bling to Anything

Her first craft was the included Blingles Photo Frame.

Blingles Add Bling to Anything
Blingles Add Bling to Anything

Here is a step by step photo gallery of how to add Blingles to your life!  Choose a design template, there are several like hearts, stars, lips, and other girly themes. Pick up the gems with the gem pen and place on gem mat while lining up the gems to the template. I wasn’t sure how my young girl would handle this but it was a cinch for her. Next, remove the transfer film and align over gem design. Rub the transfer over the gems. Tear off the sheet and transfer onto exposed glue. Rub the transfer slide, turn the design over and adhere to whatever you want to bling. It sounds a little complicated but it isn’t! The photo instructions make it easy and fun.

[slickr-flickr tag=blingles]

It takes a little patience, especially for younger girls because the gems are small. Older kids with a longer attention spam would have no problem blinging everything in their rooms!  My daughter enjoys doing just a couple designs in one setting. This is great because it gives us more chances to sit down for ‘craft time’ together.  Blingles would make a fun playdate, sleepover, and birthday party activity or goody bag item as well!

Buy Blingles

There are a variety of Blingles products including a Blingles Bling Studio, Blingles Theme Packs, and the Blingles Accessory Pack. I’d suggest getting the accessory pack that I reviewed as a starter to see how much your daughter will like it. This is a must-have toy for all girls including tweens and teens this Christmas!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Blingles who provided the products for review.

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