Crafting with Friends and Brit+Co.

Have you heard of Brit+Co? It’s a crafter’s dream come true. I am sure you all have read my others posts on crafts and I am so excited to expand our horizons and share more with you.  I love to craft, it’s a boarder line obsessive compulsion.  Like many moms I find that plenty of ideas but then I have to do the shopping and I don’t always have time.

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Brit+Co is so much more. It’s swarming with ideas that you can save or share with friends. It also has a shop! In Brit+Co.’s shop you can get funky cool tech gadgets , Unique cards, paint pens, washi tape, and my personal favorite..KITS and so much more! There is nothing I love more then a box to pop open and craft with out needing to shop! How darling is this Duck Soap making kit… Baby shower favors maybe?

Duck soapCrafting with Friends and Brit+Co.

So when Brit+Co. teamed up with Timex to send out a box of kits and offered to send me 11 kits (for myself and ten friends) I practically screamed yes.  I love to craft alone but there is something about bring friend together, eating and crafting that just makes my day. So I called up my people and told them to come on over and have a blast! And I shared a photo of what we would be working on! They were so excited that even food wasn’t the priority when they arrived.

Timex brit+co kits A Surprise

Everyone claimed a box with the corresponding color watch band they wanted to use. GREEN was the party favorite. We started opening boxes and much to our surprise only two boxes where the neon green, the rest were a moss green color. So I quickly sneaked to my craft tool box and found a few items that I might make the unexpected moss green more appealing.  It worked! Everyone looked past the initial shock and got to work.

While the dark green was unexpected it's perfect for fall!
While the dark green was unexpected it’s perfect for fall!

Let The Kids In

We had a few people show up with kids and some couldn’t make it.  I have always been about letting my kid try new things so when the kids wouldn’t cut us a break , we invited them in. It wasn’t in the plan but they had as much fun as us ladies! They were also a little more creative then we were.  The best thing ever it that they are proud to wear something they created with us!

Timex Brit Co opFinished Brit+Co. Projects

Look at all the beautiful watches that were made! A huge thank you to Timex for rocking our socks off with theses super fun watches! And to Brit+Co. for sharing art and beauty in a simple but super fun project! Want to make your own? You can pick up a Timex Weekender watch here and grab some embroidery floss from your local craft store and DIY on the fly.

Look at how neat they turned out!
Look at how neat they turned out!

If you are looking for inspiration, head over to Brit+Co. and check it out… these lovely ladies even offer classes.. so learn a new skill and share it with the world!

Thank you again to Brit+Co. and Timex for providing the craft kits!


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