Camp Labor Day Party Ideas

I have some great Labor Day Party Ideas from Lifestyle Director of’s Kristine Kennedy on hosting your own Camp Labor Day. It is hard to believe that Labor Day Weekend is almost here!  Labor Day marks the end of summer where we reward workers and day laborers with a day off to celebrate all the hard work we do since the 1880’s. That should include Moms too, right?!  Just because it is a 130 year old holiday, doesn’t mean we can update it and celebrate it in modern times.

  • Under The Stars: Your kids will think it is a blast to set up tents all over the backyard with sleeping bags, mosquito nets to protect from bugs and even an outdoor rug. Get extra creativity credit by stringing a Christmas lights strung in a grid pattern to light up the night to make a canopy of stars. Don’t forget to light a bonfire or a fire pit to roast marshmallows and warm your feet. Or set up solar-lit torches for eco-friendly lights in the night.
  • I’d Like S’More Please!: Be sure to have plenty of fixins’ for smores and get ready for some campfire stories and songs! Instead of setting up a fire on the ground, avoid a major fire hazard with a raised fire pit. Pop fabric cubes or poufs around the cauldron for a middle-eastern feel.
  • Take Sides: Just like you would at camp, create a family field day. Make teams and get ready to rumble! Set up a volleyball net, grab some badminton equipment, pull out the Frisbee and put on your game face.
  • Where’s The Beach?Summer-themed Scavenger Hunt: Send the teams on a riddled rumble in search of their favorite beach items. Check the clearance racks since beach and summer items are discounted by now.  It is the perfect time to stock up on summer essentials and to spoil your guests with snorkels, sand pails, pool noodles and more! Save a few for next summer too!
  • White Done Right: End this fun-filled weekend with a summer “grill-all” white dinner! Host a barbeque where your guests wear white to celebrate the end of traditional white-wearing season, and have them bring any food items that they would like to have grilled. From fruits like peaches to vegetables like summer squash, the possibilities are endless! Then set your table in white items from all over your house and place aprons as a practical place marker and gift!

Kristine Kennedy is the Lifestyle Director of  She is a creative leader known and regarded for her excellence in cultivating home furnishings and interior design content. She has entered the online home goods arena at the number one largest online home retailer.

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