Christmas Just Went to the Dogs with The Three Dogateers

What could be more fun that combining talking dogs with a Christmas movie? It is just about perfect this time of year as kids start counting down the days till Christmas! My kids and I watched The 3 Dogateers tonight for family movie night.

The Three Dogateers Review

If you like talking dog movies, this is a cute one. Your kids will laugh throughout the entire slapstick comedy of the talking dogs. My daughter’s favorite part was when Barkos had a staring contest with dog treats and was totally convinced that if he stared long enough, they would come to him. Arfamis on the other hand is a ‘get things done’ type of dog and makes things happen – like getting the treats off the counter with a suction cup toy arrow.  The pampered purebred Wagos is the most realistic dog, wanting to get her beauty rest and dinner at dinner time.


I received a DVD to facilitate this post.

In this movie, The Three Dogateers are normal house pets that were accidentally left a few days before Christmas at home alone.  While alone, a couple burglars broke in and stole all of their presents and even their Christmas tree. I thought it was funny that we only saw the burglars from the dogs’ vantage  point, legs only. The three dogs decide to go after the burglars and hide out in their trunk.

While out on the road, they get away from the burglars only to get chased by a seriously messed up dog catcher for the rest of the movie. In the end, the local Mall Santa helps the pups out. Will The Three Dogateers ever make it home? Can the Mall Santa help save Christmas?

Find out when The Three Dogateers comes out on DVD on November 18, 2014.

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