A Christmas Family Tradition for All Year…

There are not many Christmas family traditions that can be enjoyed all year long but The Christmas Web is one of them!  The Christmas Web began 20 years ago as a Christmas family tradition in the Grinkmeyer family. As their kids got older, the magic of Christmas morning started to fade. Parents Kerry and Nita decided to hide one special present each year that could be found only after their children found it by yard that was all through the house like a web. It went from room to room, around window latches, door knobs, fixtures, chairs, doors, etc and ended with their special present. Their kids loved it! The Christmas magic was back!

Their Christmas family tradition continues now with their grown kids and grandchildren. The Christmas Web became available to the public in 2012 so that we could all start The Christmas Web family tradition in our own homes.

Christmas Family Tradition for All Year – The Christmas Web Review

I love traditions and creating new family traditions for my family. Similar to Elf on the Shelf, this Christmas Family Tradition is easily implemented into any family and really, any holiday! We just celebrated Easter, The Christmas Web could easily be used to have the Easter Bunny leave your kids Easter Basket in a fun and secret spot that they can only find after going through The Christmas Web.  It can even be used for birthday parties for a fun kids birthday party game in which kids find their goody bags at the end of The Christmas Web!

The Christmas Web comes with a hard cover Christmas story book all about The Christmas Web as well as 3 magical Christmas Web wands. In the story, it is explained that kids have a special elf that watches them over the year. On Christmas Eve, that elf hides a special present for their child at the end of The Christmas Web. This can easily be replaced with the Easter Bunny, Leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

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My family came over last weekend to celebrate Easter. I made little goody bags for all the kids and hid them in a covered bin in the living room. Since we had 20 people over, I didn’t weave The Christmas Web all through the house as I would have liked but instead only in the living room. Check out this video to see how it went!

Christmas Family Tradition for All Year – The Christmas Web Video Review

We had kids from age 2 – 13 at our gathering.  Since we only had 3 wands, they paired up into 3 teams.   The kids were so excited to do The Christmas Web activity/game, as they saw it. My kids were so thrilled when they saw it in the morning, they could hardly wait. The first thing my son said was, “Whose birthday is it?” He was excited!

Christmas Family Tradition for All Year - The Christmas Web Review
Christmas Family Tradition for All Year – The Christmas Web Review

All the kids had a good time weaving in and out of all the yarn. I had some high on windowsills and bookcases and low on floorboard corners. Since I only had it in one room, it was a WEB for sure!

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All the kids thought it was fun to try to walk through the web, the little kids thought it was fun to crawl under and through!

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I was most surprised that my 13 year old nephew really enjoyed it. He asked if we could do this again the next time they came over! All the kids had fun winding up the yard and waiting for their goody bag! I recommend this as an activity at any birthday party – especially if you can use more than just 1 room. Playing lively music in the background would make it even more exciting! Or, make it a contest that the winner of a prize is the one who gets done first!

I can see how much more exciting this would be if an Easter Basket, Christmas Present, or Birthday Gift was at the end of the yarn!  I plan to do this for both my kids birthdays next year, it will make the anticipation so much greater for their gift – and so much fun. Opening gifts go so quickly – why not prolong the excitement?

The Christmas Web Book

The Christmas Web comes with a handsome hard cover book to go with the Christmas theme. This book makes it an exciting element to any Christmas family tradition. Read the book starting several weeks before Christmas and watch as the anticipation grows for Christmas and their special gift from their very own elf!

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As you can see, it is a beautifully illustrated book that your kids will enjoy reading with you each and every Christmas as they learn and then recall how your family started this Christmas Family Tradition of The Christmas Web. Check out the below photos of the Grinkmeyer family during Christmas.

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This was a sponsored post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to The Christmas Web who provided the product for review.

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