Awesome Dad Box that makes Dads Cooler than Moms – The Cooper Kit

My favorite thing in the entire world is to hear my husband and kids laughing and having fun together. It is music to my ears. Dads play differently than Moms with their kids, don’t they? I am always intrigued at how creative my husband Matt is with incorporating education and fun together with homework and in real life. He amazes me and is such an awesome father.

I think Dads need to be recognized more. As a society, we often put them down and don’t recognize their parental importance like we should.

I found a company that recognizes the importance of fatherhood and celebrates it! They offer a product called The Cooper Kit.  It is a dad-kid bounding kit or Awesome Dad Box that is designed to  enrich quality time between dads and kids. I just love this idea!

See what is inside a Cooper Kid Kit with our unboxing video

I received a Cooper Kit to facilitate this review.

The Cooper Kit Review

The Cooper Kit is for Dads with kids ages 5-9. In this kit, there are a variety of products and activities that both Dads and Kids will enjoy doing together.  Each kit is designed around a theme with all the contents in the box relevant to that theme.

Each Cooper Kit includes an activity book to guide Dads though the contents, a book, and a variety of toys, games, kits, and activities. The theme for our Cooper Kit is How Things Fly. It is packed with hands-on fun activities and toys!!

My kids LOVED the catapult that they build together with their dad. It even comes with projectiles mini bean bags and a target pad – although you know my kids are targeting each other’s toys and our puppy! ;) This catapult has been getting daily play and holding up really well – it’s a quality product that is providing hours of fun. 1/2 the fun is building it and 1/2 the fun is playing with it – great choice for this box.P1110947Also included in The Cooper Kit was a Fly Guy book. My kids love fly guy – who doesn’t?! The humor is perfect for dads to share and read with their kids too.


Check out two of the outdoor play items found in The Cooper Kit – Parachute Guy and Missile Launcher.

The parachute guy was a big hit too! I don’t think my kids have ever had one and they loved playing with it. Dad explained how it worked and the dynamics of it, turning it into a fun learning exercise as well as fun time outside.P1110932

They ran all over outside playing with this simple toy!P1110934

The Cooper Kit came with a missile launcher with soft foam missiles. Don’t let the size or soft missiles fool you, it shoots far and high! Well out of frame to capture on camera.  This is a fun and safe way for kids to explore missiles and the aerodynamics of it all.


We have had sky lanterns before and LOVE it. If you haven’t done this, you need to. It is amazing fun to watch the lit lanterns fly up into the sky – kinda like the Tangled movie. They had a great time releasing them into the sky, watching to see how far they would go before they were out of sight.

Another activity that my husband and kids haven’t created yet is a thin wood flying vessel. It looks like it will be a lot of fun for them to design and create together.

The thing about The Cooper Kit that you don’t want to miss is that it create quality time between dads and kids. It isn’t suppose to be done all in one day! Spread it out over a 2-3 months, so there is always something fun dad can pull out to impress your kids. Beware: Kids might think Dads way cooler than Mom after receiving Cooper Kits! The kits are designed for a 3 month spread between them.

Beyond the Box, The Cooper Kit came with material on the secrets to how things fly for all the science dads (like mine) who love to amaze their kids with science with examples easy enough for them to understand.


My kids eat this stuff up! They also provide links to more ‘how things fly’ related things you can do with your kids like movie lists, recipes for blue kamikaze shots, how to skydive, best airports for kids, etc.


Everything is on theme! The kit really pulls the theme together with fake airline tickets, an announcement you can make, and airline food ideas. Creative play can sometimes be hard for men, so this kit makes it easy and makes them a natural. Kids love creative, imaginative play like this! P1110941

Be Awesome All the Time with The Cooper Kit

Now, dads can be awesome all the time with a subscription to The Cooper Kit! (For the moms reading this, you can be awesome-er by subscribing to this kit for your husband!)P1110942

You can subscribe to The Cooper Kit a few different ways. For the Quarterly Subscription, you will receive 1 Cooper Kit every 3 months and will be billed $65 + $13s&h quarterly and can cancel anytime.

A Yearly subscription gives you 4 kits over the course of the year for only $59+$13s&h each.

They also offer gift cards for any amount or a Year of Cooper Kits for the discounted price of $312 that includes shipping for 4 kits. A Cooper Kit subscription would make an excellent gift this Christmas!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Cooper Kits who provided the products for revie.

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