DIY Easter Bunnies Craft

Wonderful Halos “DIY Easter Bunnies” Craft

This is a fun and easy Easter craft you can either do with your kids or surprise them on Easter morning. These adorable DIY Easter Bunnies are cute to include in an Easter basket, snack for Easter party at school or church, at your Easter day place settings, or just a fun snack during Easter week.

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DIY Easter Bunnies Craft

This DIY Easter Bunnies Craft is easy to do with a few craft supplies and a hot glue gun. Kids can help by cutting and looping the ears and nose, drawing the mouth, or popping on the eyes, and tail – depending on the age and with caution around the hot glue.

Start with the perfectly sweet and delicious Wonderful Halos, they are America’s best-selling mandarin brand and No. 1 most-loved healthy snack among both parents and kids for many reasons. We love how easy they are to peel for kids as well as how sweet they are and the fact that they are seedless. It is the perfect snack anytime. I never feel bad giving my children Wonderful Halos, even if it is past bedtime and they are now suddenly hungry. (Or does that only happen in my house?)

For this craft, you will need felt, pipe cleaners, white pom poms, googly eyes, hot glue gun, and a sharpie marker.

Get your hot glue gun out because you will hot glue everything directly to the Halos mandarin. Be careful if you have your kids helping with the glue gun or placing the decorations directly onto the hot glue. You know your kids better than anyone, so be sure you are with them while using such a hot instrument no matter what their age.

Cut the pipe cleaners, find some fun spring colors, cut the pipe cleaners to the desired ear length. You’ll want to create an oval shape by bending the pipe cleaners in half. Secure the ears with a dab of hot glue. To make the ears more secure, you can puncture the end of the bottoms into the Halos mandarins, however I find it better to hot glue to the top so the mandarins stay fresh and you don’t need to keep refrigerated that way.

Use the hot glue gun to adhere the googly eyes. Cut little noses out of felt in any color choice you desire and hot glue them into place. Add the white pom pom to the back of the Halos mandarin to create a little cotton tail.

Finally, use a sharpie to draw on the mouth, otherwise your bunnies will look scared like mine do below. 🙂

As you can see, this is a very easy and quick craft to do. Make a few up and add them to your child’s Easter basket or serve with Easter morning breakfast. If you have a party at school or church for Easter, it wouldn’t take any time at all to make one per child and the kids would think they are super cute! I guarantee that this will be the healthiest surprise for Easter whether it is in a basket or party!

If you enjoy Halos Mandarins like we do, you’ll also enjoy their blog where you can find more crafts, activities, and recipes. Be sure to enjoy Wonderful Halos now while they are in season, they will start disappearing from shelves sometime in May.

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