Chooze to be Creative with Double-Sided Backpacks

We all like choices, even kids. In fact, choices inspire creativity. I cringe sometimes over the outfits my kids put together sometimes, but I let them wear them (usually) because it allows my kids to be who they are.

This same concept is lived out in many product choices with the brand called Chooze.

Chooze is a verb that means to “make a choice that empowers confidence, creativity, and the power to have a positive impact”.   They believe that when we give our kids the ability to choose, they will be extraordinary.

Chooze offers the most creative apparel, footwear, and bags for kids.

chooze 2-sided backpacks

With traditional backpacks, kids are stuck with the same backpack all year long – not with Chooze Backpacks! Every day, your child can chooze between 2 backpack designs! Each side is different!

chooze 2-sided backpacks

They have about a dozen different backpacks to chooze from for girls and boys – or 24 if you count both sides!chooze 2-sided backpacks

My daughter loves to express her creativity through art, so the Choozepack in Revive  backpack was perfect for her.

It allows her to color in the design in her own creative way with permanent fabric markers – or leave it as a black and white outline.

Choozepack in Revive

OR, she can chooze to use the colorful side that is already decorated with lively bright red, green, yellow, and blue colors.

Choozepack in Revive

This is by far the most unique and fun backpack she has ever owned. It gives her the option to chooze which backpack style she wants to use each day.

Choozepack in Revive

We have found the backpack to be super fun! It is also large enough to carry all the supplies a big third-grader needs including a lunch box and water bottle (or two) in the side pockets.

Choozepack in Revive

It measures 16.5″ Height x 12.5″ Width x 6″ Depth, there is also a smaller backpack option that would be perfect for younger kids or used as a sports bag.

There is also a similar backpack that boys can color in called the Choozepack Samari decorated with crazy, fun monsters.

chooze 2-sided backpacks

I think this is a really creative, unique line of products. My daughter really likes her backpack and I’m sure your kids will too. Check Chooze out for your creative kids too.

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