DesignHer Kits: Make Your Own Accesories – Plus Coupon Code

I love getting packages in the mail, When I got DesignHer kit’s April kit, I was thrilled. This shiny gold padded envelope created a lot of excitement. I  couldn’t wait to open it up and create my own designer accessories. I loved that I would be crafting items and then I would be wearing them.

DesignHer April Kit
DesignHer April Kit

I received product to facilitate this post.

Each month you will receive all the parts to make three of your very own accessories. This months had both gold and silver finish items for me. The items were a necklace, anklet and a headband.  Everything is neatly bagged so you know what goes together.  It’s the easiest of DIY’s  and if you have never made your own jewelry you can also order their starter kit which will have all the tools you need. To get instructions you just head to Designher’s website and check out their Craft Table and it has step by step instructions with photos.


 Coral Necklace

The 1st piece I made was this lovely Coral beaded necklace. I did make some alterations with the extra beads I had. All I did was add them to the clasp area. It was so easy to put together and look like a store bought necklace. When I was wearing this people kept asking me where I bought it.

Designher Coral Necklace

Dainty Anklet

Then I made the anklet. This was the easiest of the three projects and I have worn it non-stop since I made it. It is the perfect summer accessory and will look so cute when I am rocking swim wear at the lake or at the pool. This one was slightly harder to put together because of the seed beads.

Dainty Anklet

Rhinestone Alice Band

The last piece I made was the gold chain and crystal head band. This one was very easy and the fastest of the three. I am not a head band gal but this makes me feel boho chic.

gold crystal headband

If you are a craft lover or just want to make your own accessories each month I highly recommend trying out DesignHer. For Canadian Residents the kit is $19 and shipping is FREE. For US Residents the kit is $19 and shipping is an additional $5.

DesignHer Kits Coupon Code

When you use DesignHer Kits coupon code AKRONBONUS you will receive a bonus project in your first kit.

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